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diabetes and liver disease

The Link Between Diabetes and Liver Disease

Part of diabetes management is ensuring that no other diabetes-related complications happen. It involves taking care of internal body organs, ensuring that irregular blood sugar levels won’t affect bodily functions. One such body organs that need the most attention is the liver. When you have diabetes, you are prone to having liver disease. NAFLD or …

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diabetes swollen feet

Diabetes Swollen Feet (Weeping Legs): Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Edema occurs when there is too much fluid accumulated in body tissues. This condition can develop in any part of the body. However, it is most common in the feet for individuals with diabetes. The swelling of the feet associated with high blood sugar levels involve the following risk factors: Overweight or obesity Impaired blood …

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can diabetics eat cheese

Cheese and Diabetes

Many people believe that cheese contributes to high blood sugar levels. However, individuals with diabetes can certainly enjoy them. Alongside its taste, cheese has many nutritional properties that people can include in their daily balanced diet. Like other dairy products, cheese contains high fat and calories. While it is already considered safe to consume, eating …

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diabetes and erectile dysfunction

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction? It is a condition where men have difficulty getting enough erection for sexual intercourse. It usually occurs in men who have been diagnosed with diabetes. It happens when diabetes is not managed properly, which results in impaired nerves and damaged blood vessels in the penis. Erectile dysfunction can be very challenging. …

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diabetes and high blood pressure

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

What is hypertension (high blood pressure)? Best known as high blood pressure, hypertension refers to  excessive blood pressure within the arteries. Without proper treatment, high blood pressure is very likely to result in different medical problems, such as kidney infections and heart problems. Unlike distinct medical conditions, detecting hypertension is easy. Despite the lack of …

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grapes and diabetes

Grapes and Diabetes

Diabetes is a medical condition that can complicate a lot when left untreated. It is a life-threatening disease with complications involving the liver and kidney. Every year, the cases of people experiencing an abnormality in their blood sugar levels rise which can be overwhelming and troublesome. Besides taking insulin shots or oral medications, eating the …

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