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Why is There no Generic Insulin?

What is Insulin? Essentially recognized as a form of peptide hormone, insulin is used in providing medical therapy to people living with diabetes. This hormone is naturally produced in the pancreas, an organ located in the abdominal part of the body. Without enough insulin, the body develops high blood sugar levels, enabling diabetes mellitus. It …

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What is the Best Diet Menu Plan to Treat Insulin Resistance

What is the Best Diet Menu Plan to Treat Insulin Resistance?

What is insulin resistance? Insulin resistance is a pathological condition in which the cells of the body fail to respond to insulin, a blood sugar-controlling hormone, in a normal manner. As a result, blood sugar levels become higher than normal, leading to prediabetes or diabetes. Insulin resistance diet If you are overweight or physically inactive, you are more …

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Top 5 Reasons for not wanting to go on Insulin

  Having to go on insulin means that you’ve failed. Why would needing to start insulin mean that you’re a failure? You may not feel this way, but plenty of people do. “If only I’d followed my meal plan/lost more weight/done more exercise…” may be the thought that races through your mind. Or maybe you’ve …

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We understand the necessity of taking medications on time, and in the case of insulin, patients rely on these medications in order to maintain their lifestyle. was established in 2014 with the sole purpose of connecting your patients to Canadian Pharmacies that have the expertise and licensing to ship products cross-border. Many companies claim …

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How to Lower Your Insulin Costs? is helping Americans lower their Insulin costs by offering the same Insulin medications at a much lower price. Diabetics now have a better choice when it comes to finding lower Insulin costs by shopping at Our Insulin comes from fully licensed Canadian pharmacies that are government regulated to ensure quality you can trust. …

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