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Order Direct from Canadian Pharmacies arranges insulin shipments direct from Canadian pharmacies.

Send us your prescription, and avoid overpaying for insulin and diabetes medication, and even supplies.

Fast, safe and reliable flat rate shipping

Fast, safe and reliable flat rate shipping

Welcome to Canadian Insulin

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your insulin products shipped from?

All of our insulin products are shipped from Canada through one of our affiliated Canadian pharmacies.

Are your affiliated pharmacies licensed?

We guarantee that our affiliated pharmacies are licensed Canadian pharmacies.

How do I know my insulin will arrive undamaged?

Products are shipped using insulated shipping containers to help ensure product integrity.

Will my insulin order spoil in shipping?

All insulin orders are shipped in refrigerated gel pack containers, designed to keep insulin cold. Also, note that all insulin is fine for up to 30 days at room temperature.

Welcome to Canadian Insulin

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