Avocado and Diabetes

Publish On Diabetes By Ilia

avocado and diabetes

There are a lot of fruit varieties that individuals with diabetes can benefit from. One of these varieties is Avocado. With its creamy and delicious taste, it is rich in vitamins, good fat and nutrients that are considered beneficial for everyone including those experiencing diabetes.

Avocado is safe for people with diabetes, and can be included in your daily diet. Here are the benefits of avocado and how it can balance blood sugar.

  • It does not worsen preexisting diabetic conditions.

What makes avocados special for a person with diabetes is their low amount of carbohydrates. Anything low in carbohydrates will not cause a surge in blood glucose. This fruit is highly beneficial in losing weight.

  • It is rich in fiber.

Fiber-rich foods are good for diabetes. Those diagnosed with diabetes are recommended to limit their diet, and include fiber, to avoid carbohydrates build-up. This will avoid the possibility of obesity.

  • It has good fats.

Fats can be good and bad. Individuals with diabetes must consume the type of fat that promotes healthy blood sugar levels, and reduced cholesterol. Thankfully, avocados contain good fat (HDL) that improves blood flow, reduced bad cholesterol, and prevent diabetes attacks.

  • It improves insulin sensitivity.

Insulin resistance is a phenomenon that individuals with diabetes must avoid. It is the main reason why complications particularly those related to Type 2 diabetes, happen. Fortunately, avocado helps increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. As a result, it balances blood sugar levels. It makes management of the condition easy and simple.

Adding avocado to your diet will significantly help in managing diabetes. You can eat it as a snack or even in your meals. It is also great as a smoothie, which you can always bring during your daily workout. You can also mix it as part of your salad recipe.