What is Novolog?

There are many existing insulin options for regulating your blood sugar levels. Novolog—the brand name for insulin aspart—is a popular insulin. It is a fast-acting insulin marketed by NovoNordisk. Because of its fast action, ranging as quickly as 5 to 10 minutes, it is considered a bolus or a mealtime insulin by pharmacists. For diabetics, this means that blood glucose can be managed immediately prior to eating or drinking.

Difference between regular insulin vs. novolog

In its development, Novolog was found that it was much better at managing blood glucose levels than injected regular insulin in patients with type 1 diabetes. Patients using insulin aspart found that blood glucose was easily lowered after meals and that hypoglycemic episodes were experienced less often. Patients were overall happier with the treatment method and the results from its use when compared to regular insulin.

In patients with type 2 diabetes, researchers found that improvements were seen for individuals with poorly managed activity levels and diet, had elevated weight, and were taking oral diabetic medications.

Dosage is important

The recommended dosage varies for individuals based on their weight and as well as their meal frequency. Simply put, if you weigh more and eat more frequently, you are likely to need slightly higher doses of insulin more often. For anyone with type 2 diabetes, a prescription that includes insulin aspart along with another intermediate or long-acting insulin is usually the best treatment.

As with any insulin, it is important that you follow your doctor’s recommendations when using it to avoid hypoglycemia as a side effect. Be sure to monitor your blood sugar levels and any signs and symptoms before and after your meals to be sure that you are staying within a safe range.

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