What is Invokana (Canagliflozin)?

Invokana is a prescription medicine utilized in providing medical relief to different health conditions. It functions by:

  • It treats type 2 diabetes; however, it must be consumed alongside proper diet and regular exercise. It helps in maintaining the balance of blood sugar levels.
  • It reduces someone’s chances of having to experience different cardiovascular conditions. These conditions may be referred to as stroke and heart attack.
  • Aside from cardiovascular conditions, it is also utilized in providing medical care to people who have kidney disease. It prevents kidney malfunction, which can be very dangerous if not treated.
  • Although it is made for diabetes treatment, it is not given to individuals with type 2 diabetes.
  • For children who have been diagnosed with diabetes, there is no concrete evidence if this medicine is safe for their consumption.

Invokana Dosage

In learning the dosage of this medicine, there are important elements that a healthcare professional must adhere to. Some of these elements may include the patient’s age, weight, underlying medical conditions, and other forms of drugs that he/she may be taking at the moment.

Once all of these elements are taken into account, the healthcare professional will arrive at a concrete and accurate dosage that the patient must follow on a daily basis. Consider the following:

Note: The dosage recommendation is based on eGFR or estimated glomerular filtration rate.

  1. eGFR 60 or greater – The dosage is only 100 mg of Invokana, to be consumed on a daily basis. The consumption must be done before eating your first meal of the day. The said dose can be adjusted to 300 mg on a daily basis.
  2. eGFR 30 – less than 60 – For this dosage, only 100 mg of Invokana, to be consumed on a daily basis. There is no dosage adjustment for this recommendation.
  3. eGFR – less than 30 – This dosage recommendations fit well with people who are at risk of experiencing ESKD or end-stage kidney disease. The dosage is also 100 mg of Invokana, to be consumed on a daily basis.

For people or patients who are undergoing dialysis, the dosage will depend on the findings of the healthcare professional.

Note: To ensure that you are following your dosage well, set a schedule for the day to follow. It is also necessary not to skip or miss your dose as it can affect your treatment process.

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