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Basaglar KwikPen



Pack with 5 Insulin KwikPens x 3.0 mL each

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What is Basaglar KwikPen?

Basaglar KwikPen belongs to a type of diabetes medication called long-acting insulin, which works a few hours after injection and lasts for a day. Basaglar is manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim, a Burlington-based pharmaceutical corporation.

What is it used for?

Basaglar is mainly used in adult patients for the management of type I and type II diabetes mellitus. In pediatric patients, it is only indicated for the treatment of type I diabetes. Basaglar effectively regulates the metabolism of glucose, thereby improving glycemic control in diabetic individuals. Please note that Basaglar is not effective in treating diabetic ketoacidosis.

How to take this medication

Use Basaglar exactly as directed. Before using Basaglar, patients should always read the labels. Patients should be trained to inject Basaglar using appropriate techniques.

Basaglar is designed to be injected into the deltoid, thigh, or abdominal area. In order to minimize the risk of lipodystrophy, patients should rotate the sites of injection. Patient are advised against mixing or diluting Basaglar, as this may alter the time to peak effect or onset of action in an unpredictable way. Basaglar should not be administered via an insulin pump or intravenously, as this can lead to severe hypoglycemia.

As with many other diabetes medications, Basaglar is often prescribed as part of a treatment program that often involves weight control, exercise, diet, eye care, foot care, and dental care. While on Basaglar, doctors may need to perform blood glucose tests on a regular basis. For optimal treatment results, patients should follow their exercise routines and diet/medication regimen closely.

How does this drug work?

Basically, Basaglar (insulin glargine) works by regulating the metabolism of glucose. Through the stimulation of glucose uptake by fat and skeletal muscle, insulin and insulin analogues are able to lower blood sugar levels. At the same time, Basaglar has an inhibitory action on the hepatic production of glucose. It is believed that insulin can enhance protein synthesis and inhibit proteolysis and lipolysis.

Basaglar KwikPen Dosage

The sterile, colorless injectable solution is supplied in a prefilled 3ml delivery device.

The dose of Basaglar varies from patient to patient, ranging from 1 to 80 units. This medication should be injected once per day at the same time every day. For the treatment of type I diabetes, it is recommended to initiate the treatment with 1/3 of the total daily requirements for insulin. In addition to Basaglar, pre-meal insulin and rapid- or short-acting insulin should be used to fulfill the rest of the daily insulin requirement. If indicated for treating type I diabetes, Basaglar must be used in combination with a short- or rapid-acting insulin.

As for type II diabetes, patients should use 0.2 units/kg (or up to 10 units once a day) initially. While taking Basaglar, the dose and timing of other diabetes medicines (including rapid- or short-acting insulins) may need to be adjusted.

The dose of Basaglar should be adjusted to reflect changes in hepatic or renal function, physical activities and meal patterns (e.g. timing of food intake or macronutrient content).

Side effects

  • hypoglycemia
  • hollowing/thickening of the skin
  • mild skin rash
  • itching

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the potential side effects of Basaglar. Some patients may experience adverse effects other than the ones listed in this section. Patients are advised to seek medical attention right away if they experience any serious or unexpected side effects. Refer to the product leaflet for a complete list of side effects of Basaglar.

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