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Since 2014, we have been providing a prescription referral service for American diabetics and pet owners, giving them access to lower cost insulin from Canada. We work exclusively with licensed Canadian pharmacies and Canadian doctors to help fill our customers’ prescriptions accurately, safely and in a timely manner. Our website allows our customers to fill their insulin prescriptions, order refills and save a lot of money with just a few clicks. In essence, CanadianInsulin.com provides Americans with access to lower, Canadian prices on their insulin and diabetic medications. We are proud to say that we save Americans thousands of dollars each year on their insulin needs. As the rate of diabetes has been increasing significantly over the past decade, so too has the price of life-saving insulin. We care about our customers, and we are proud of the work we are doing.

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• Buy canadian insulin online direct from Canadian Pharmacies!

• CanadianInsulin.com arranges insulin shipments direct from Canadian pharmacies.

• Send us your prescription, and avoid overpaying for insulin and diabetes medication, and even supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the countries eligible to order from Canadian Insulin?

You can place an order from anywhere in the contiguous USA, as well as from Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. Flat shipping rates apply to all destinations within the contiguous USA. However, some additional charges may apply for shipping to Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

Are your affiliated pharmacies licensed?

All of our insulin products are shipped exclusively from licensed Canadian pharmacies.

How does Canadian Insulin Work?

Canadian Insulin provides an affordable solution to costly diabetes medications in the United States. By partnering with licensed Canadian pharmacies, we offer medications at a lower cost. Once you register with us, you can browse our selection of affordable insulin and diabetes supplies. After placing an order, we work with our licensed pharmacy partners to fill/refill your prescription(s).

What is the reason behind the huge price difference between local pharmacies in the USA and Canadian Insulin?

Prices for medications are less in Canada. That is why we partner with registered and licensed pharmacies in Canada to ship your prescription, so you can save more with us.

Notes from our happy customers

testimonial barbara

Barbara T., Illinois

“I can order insulin from Canada, for less than I pay using my insurance locally.”

testimonial charles

Charles A., Florida

“My insulin arrives cold and on time. Never have to worry.”

testimonial marym1

Mary M., Texas

“I save hundreds of dollars a month on my insulin – the savings are real!”

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