Beer and Diabetes

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beer and diabetes

Whether you are attending an occasion or participating in a game night, drinking beer is most likely the center of fun and enjoyment. While many people can savor the thrill and pleasure of this luxury, diabetic people may need to consider the amount of beer they take and consume on a daily basis.

So, is drinking beer good for people with diabetes? While consuming beer is absolutely fun, it can still provide individuals little side effects. Moreover, for those people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is essential to make sure that the effects of alcohol do not complicate their body’s level of blood glucose.

The amount of carbohydrates intake in the body can significantly impact the levels of the body’s blood sugar. For alcoholic beverages, a single bottle or glass of beer can contain a high amount of carbohydrates. While a single serving of this beverage may look harmless, diabetic people must still be wary of the possible effects it can yield to their condition.

Other than that, it is vital to know that a can of beer contains a high-calorie amount of 150. Any type of beverage or liquid that contains a high percentage of calories is not safe for those with diabetes. That is why it is always necessary to monitor everything that diabetic people consume, not just the food they eat but also the liquids or beverages they drink.

Drinking beer is not that dangerous to people with diabetes. As long as the alcohol consumption is monitored, with minimal consumption in a day, it is safe for diabetics to drink beer. In fact, beer has been proven beneficial after a series of studies with regards to its effectiveness in preventing insulin resistance.

But in what way does alcohol become bad in people with diabetes? Too much alcohol intake or alcohol abuse can lead to liver malfunction. When someone drinks too much alcohol, the liver becomes incapable of producing glucose that the body needs when the blood glucose level is low. This condition can cause hypoglycemia, a serious health concern where the body’s sugar status is lower than normal.

If, in any case, the diabetic individual is following an insulin medication, it can yield hostile impact on the body. Furthermore, since hypoglycemia and alcohol intoxication share one effect, such as dizziness, diabetics will have a hard time identifying if they are only experiencing the effects of alcohol or they may be suffering from hypoglycemia already. That is why diabetics should not drink more than one glass of alcohol to avoid false judgement and prevent having hypoglycemia.

If consuming alcohol is already a habit, and since habits do not vanish easily, make sure that your stomach is not empty if you will be drinking beer. During your beer session, it is also advisable to prepare some snacks so that there is balance in your blood sugar level.

Beer/Alcohol Consumption Recommendation for People with Diabetes

Too much alcohol intake can cause negative effects to people with diabetes, especially if they are under treatment. The following includes the recommendation of alcohol consumption to thousands of diabetics:

  • Only drink one glass of any alcoholic beverage in a span of one hour.
  • Avoid consuming three glasses of beer for women.
  • For men, avoid consuming four to five glasses of beer.
  • One can of beer contains about 12 ounces of drinks. Moreover, a large battle or can of beer can already have 24 ounces of the product. So, to make sure that you are not consuming too much alcohol, choose smaller types of beer products.

Precautions and Warnings

Pregnant women are not allowed to drink alcohol, most especially if they have been diagnosed with diabetes. Aside from its impact towards their unborn infants, it can also cost them big in terms of their health and pregnancy. Furthermore, other than pregnant women, those who have a history of having diseases involving the liver and kidney, it is necessary to speak with their physician first as it can reactivate their past diseases. Again, if all these diseases are associated with diabetes, add to that the irresponsible consumption of beer or any beverages, different health complications are likely to develop.

While drinking beer is good for people with diabetes, it must be done in moderation. Making sure that diabetes will not go worse should always be the goal to stay healthy at all times.