Two medical conditions that are always linked are gout and diabetes. You’ll likely acquire the other illness if you have one of these conditions. While it is not clear why these conditions are connected, number of cases are rising for individuals with both of these health problems.

What is gout? Gout refers to a condition where there is excessive buildup of uric acid in a person’s blood. It is also a kind of arthritis, where inflammation occurs in the joints. One of its symptoms is joint pain, which usually occurs in the toes. Medical experts believe that such inflammation causes the development of diabetes.

Meanwhile, the type of diabetes that is mainly related to gout is type 2. This condition refers to the insufficient use of insulin within the body. When this occurs, the blood sugar levels tend to spike abnormally, leading to diabetes.

If you do not know yet, one of the leading causes of type 2 diabetes is obesity. The extra build-up of fat in the body can develop higher . Note that obesity stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin. During this process, the creation of uric acid makes it difficult for the kidneys to filter. This process leads to gout.

What are the risk factors of these conditions?

Consider the following factors that make you susceptible to both medical problems:

  • Obesity or overweight – Individuals who suffer from obesity may be very likely to acquire type 2 diabetes and gout.
  • Alcohol addiction – Drinking excessive alcohol can put you at high risk of having diabetes and gout. Too much alcohol can affect the production of insulin, which plays a key role in the development of diabetes.
  • Family history of gout and diabetes – There are a lot of diseases that are considered hereditary, and diabetes is one of them. If any member of your family has any of these conditions, you’ll likely acquire them too.
  • Underlying medical problems – If you are diagnosed with other conditions like hypertension or high cholesterol, there is a high chance of getting gout and diabetes.

How can you prevent gout and diabetes?

First, managing diabetes helps a lot in preventing other complications from happening. After a diabetes diagnosis, it is necessary to manage the condition immediately by taking insulin prescriptions and eating what is best for the blood glucose. The following list also describes the best approaches in preventing such diseases:

  • Lose weight – As mentioned, one of the main triggering factors of diabetes is obesity. Losing weight by eating a strict diet and exercising regularly are recommended.
  • Manage your blood sugar – Eating a healthy diet means not taking in food that contributes to diabetes. There are healthy food options today that you can consume, which can help control blood sugar levels. Consult your doctor to identify the most suitable diet for you.
  • Strengthen the immune system – What are ways to boost your immunity? One of them is exercising at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. You can stay at an average body weight through daily exercise and prevent gout and diabetes.

Talk with your healthcare professional today if you have any of these conditions. Obtain immediate treatment to ensure these conditions do not get worse. Furthermore, ensure that your lifestyle and habits do not go downhill, making you susceptible to different diseases.