Humulin N insulin is the market name for insulin isophane, or NPH insulin. It is an intermediate-acting form of insulin, which means that activity will typically start within 2 hours but will extend for upwards of 18 hours. Historically, it is 1 the earliest forms of long-acting insulin and has only recently begun to be substituted with new forms of long-acting insulin.

Should I use Humulin N insulin?

It has been known to be used as a primary form of treatment, but studies have shown that it can cause fluctuations or peaks in its activity, which in some cases can lead to hypoglycemia. Newer forms of long-acting insulin have been shown to be much better at regulating blood sugar levels with fewer peaks. Comparative studies have also found that Humulin N insulin can cause some unwanted weight gain in patientsThat being said, this insulin is still an extremely popular treatment and is often prescribed when the benefits outweigh other factors involved. Your doctor will prescribe the insulin they feel is best suited to your condition.

Humulin N dosage

Dosage for Humulin N insulin will vary based on the doctor’s assessment, but typically only 1 dose is given at a time. Typically, the dose for type 1 diabetes is between 0.5 to 1 unit daily. It is usually prescribed to be taken 15 minutes prior to consuming a meal or immediately after finishing a meal. The insulin program will vary based on typical blood sugar levels, and individual insulin absorption rates of each patient.

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