Approximately 1.25 million Americans who live with Type 1 diabetes depend on insulin. An additional 5.75 million Americans with Type 2 diabetes require insulin to help their bodies thrive. However, as the cost of insulin continues to skyrocket, a staggering number are unable to afford the insulin they need – with deadly consequences.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the price of popular insulin brands tripled, on average, between 2007 and 2017. For instance, the price of Humulin for the average patient soared from $258 to $1,100 between 2010 and 2015.

It’s no surprise, then, that the same journal reports that 25% of people who rely on insulin to regulate their diabetes have had to skip required doses because it is too expensive. For individuals between the ages of 18 and 40, 32% have cut back due to the financial burden.

Rationing insulin can have detrimental and even fatal results. For an individual with Type 1 diabetes, skipping a dose can lead to a rapid, life-threatening metabolic disturbance. Such was the case for Alec Raeshawn Smith, who died of diabetic ketoacidosis after rationing his insulin, according to NPR.

After aging off his mother’s insurance plan at the age of 26, Alec was faced with spending $1,300 monthly on diabetes supplies – a cost he could not afford. His mother, Nicole Holt-Smith, seeks to inspire change by sharing her son’s story, even speaking to a panel of Senate Democrats in Washington, D.C.

The hashtag campaign #insulin4all shows that Alec’s story is far from unique. Many activists are speaking out on the prohibitively expensive costs, and insulin manufacturers are being sued in federal court due to the rising costs of their product.

However, patients who may not be able to afford their next round of insulin need solutions now. When considering the available options, online foreign pharmacies are a great source of low-cost insulin.

Lower Insulin Costs at Online Pharmacies

Many Americans have turned to online foreign pharmacies to cut back on the cost of prescription drugs. With savings of up to 90% off brand name medications, safe, affordable Canadian online pharmacies can save lives.

While at first glance it may seem like a risk, importing drugs for personal use is common, with approximately 5 million Americans admitting to doing so due to costs, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The process is safe; verified online pharmacies associated with licensed physical pharmacies and behave according to industry standards. Online resources like offer a database of verified, safe, qualified online pharmacies.

Cost transparency and convenience are just two reasons why online pharmacies are making a difference for insulin users. This option allows consumers to compare prices for the best savings. Though brick and mortar pharmacies in Canada do not require prescriptions for insulin, a prescription is required for Americans purchasing insulin from a Canadian pharmacy. Online pharmacies also typically provide customer service and pharmacist consultations.

Other than providing medical documentation, purchasing insulin from an online pharmacy is similar to making any other purchase online. It is quick, easy, and potentially lifesaving! For Americans struggling to afford insulin as costs continue to rise, a Canadian online pharmacy is the best option.

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