Mounjaro Doses. Mounjaro is a prescription medicine used to manage and treat blood sugar levels. It is administered in type 2 diabetes patients to improve glycemic control. Doctors recommend taking this medicine in adjunct to proper diet and regular exercise.

Although not approved as a weight loss drug by FDA, Mounjaro has shown effectiveness in weight loss management. The product comes as an injectable medication administered subcutaneously under the skin. The following is the recommended dosage of Mounjaro:

  • The starting dosage of Mounjaro is 2.5 mg, injected subcutaneously once every week.
  • After 4 weeks, your doctor will increase the dosage to 5 mg, with the same frequency of once-weekly administration.
  • The maximum dosage type 2 diabetes patients can administer is 15 mg, still injected once every week.

Important things to consider when injecting Mounjaro

  • You can administer Mounjaro any time of the day; however, it should only be once a week injection.
  • Avoid injecting on the same bodily site repeatedly. 
  • Mounjaro is only prescribed for type 2 diabetes patients. If you have type 1 diabetes, use other medication.
  • If you are using Mounjaro with insulin, avoid mixing them.

The following are the available strengths of Mounjaro:

  • 2.5mg/0.5ml
  • 5mg/0.5ml
  • 7.5mg/0.5ml
  • 10mg/0.5ml
  • 12.5mg/0.5ml
  • 15mg/0.5ml

Note: This dosage recommendation is only applicable to adults. Its safety and efficacy on pediatric patients have yet to be established.