Frequently Asked Questions

Can Americans order from CanadianInsulin.com?

Yes! We can deliver anywhere in the contiguous USA, and our prices are all in US dollars (USD). If you live outside of the contiguous U.S., such as Alaska or Hawaii, additional charges may apply.

Can I order for my pet?

Yes! Simply fill out your pet’s information in the “Medical Information” section when you register, or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Where are your insulin products shipped from?

All of our insulin products are shipped from Canada through one of our licensed affiliated Canadian pharmacies. We deal with licensed pharmacies in Canada only.

Are your affiliated pharmacies licensed?

Yes. We guarantee that the insulin you receive comes from a licensed Canadian pharmacy.

How do I know my insulin will arrive undamaged?

Our products are shipped using insulated shipping containers with gel packs to help ensure the integrity of your order.

How do I know my insulin order will not spoil in shipping?

All of our insulin orders are shipped in refrigerated containers with gel packs that have been specifically designed to help keep our insulin shipments from spoiling. Please note that all insulin can survive for up to 30 days at room temperature.

How long after I order will my insulin be shipped?

Orders are generally shipped within 48 hours of being processed. Please note, however, that it can take 1 – 4 business days to process your order as we must verify your prescription(s) and prepare your medication.

What currency are the prices on your website?

All our prices are in US dollars (USD).

How much are shipping charges to the USA?

As insulin is temperature-sensitive, we must ship all insulin orders express. We offer a flat rate shipping fee of $35 USD to anywhere in the contiguous United States. If you live outside of the contiguous United States, additional shipping charges may apply.

Why are your prices so much lower than in the US?

In Canada, the government regulates the prices of all medications. This is to help ensure that Canadians can afford the medication they need. Drug manufacturers and pharmacies cannot raise prices significantly at will in Canada. CanadianInsulin.com provides Americans access to these significantly lower prices.

How can I be sure that I am getting quality medication?

CanadianInsulin.com deals exclusively with licensed pharmacies in Canada. Therefore, when you order from CanadianInsulin.com you receive the same insulin and medication products that Canadians get. Because we work only with licensed pharmacies, we require a valid prescription before we can process any order for a prescription medication. Any website that offers you the ability to purchase medication without a prescription, or based on a remote consultation, cannot be considered safe. All licensed pharmacies require valid prescriptions in order to dispense prescription medication.

Is ordering medication online legal?

Ordering medication which is not a controlled substance and is being ordered for personal use is generally permitted as long as the medication does not represent an unreasonable risk, you affirm in writing that the medication is for personal use only, and the quantity is generally not more than a three month supply. Please read the FDA memo for more information on personal importation of medication for more information.

How often do I need to provide release forms (Customer Agreements) and valid prescriptions?

We only require you to agree to the Customer Agreement once, which you must agree to during our easy registration process. For prescriptions, we always require a new prescription once your current one is used up or expires (whichever comes first).

How often should I order?

That is entirely up to you and your doctor. We advise that you order a 3-month supply at a time. This way, you only need to order four times per year. After your fourth order is placed, you will likely need to provide a new prescription. This is how most customers go about ordering.

My question has not been answered.
If your question has not been answered above, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help you!


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