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Contour Next EZ Meter


Contour Next EZ Meter


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The Contour Next EZ meter is a blood glucose monitoring system used to keep track of and manage your blood glucose levels in the treatment of diabetes. Your Contour Next EZ meter comes state-of-the-art technology that makes your blood glucose testing easier. Some of the new features are:

  • Second-Chance Sampling – allows you to apply more blood if you didn’t initially apply enough, to prevent re-lancing and wasting test strips
  • Multipulse Accuracy Technology – evaluates your blood sample several times for highly accurate results
  • No Coding Technology – gets rid of errors due to user miscoding
  • Sip-In Sampling – quickly “sips” in your sample through the test strip tip so you get the right amount of blood

Your Contour Next EZ meter does not require any setup and is ready straight out of the box, just insert your test strip and test your blood glucose level. It can also help identify problems with individualized HI/LO target range plus a summary of your blood glucose level test results with 7, 14 and 30 day averages of your blood glucose levels.

How to use this glucometer

Before starting to test with your Contour Next EZ meter first wash and dry your hands. Then you can remove a Contour Next test strip from the bottle and insert the gray square end into the test strip port on the meter.

To prepare your lancing device, remove the endcap and firmly insert your lancet into the lancing device. Next, twist off the round protective lancet cap and replace the endcap of the lancing device. To adjust the puncture depth simply rotate the endcap dial to your preferred depth.

To collect a blood sample, press the lancing device firmly against the puncture site and press the release button. Then stroke your hand and finger towards the puncture site to form a drop of blood and immediately touch the tip of the test strip to the drop of blood. Hold the tip of the test strip in the blood drop until the meter beeps. After the beep the meter will countdown from five seconds and your blood test result will be displayed and automatically stored in the meter memory.

Manufacturer: Bayer Diagnostic

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