Dario 100 Lancets


Dario 100 Lancets


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What are Dario Lancets?

Dario lancets are ultra-thin and sharp medical devices designed to obtain a small sample of capillary blood, usually drawn from the fingertip. Each package contains100 Dario Lancets.

What are Dario Lancets used for?

Dario Lancets are used to monitor the blood sugar levels of adult patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus to help assess antidiabetic treatment efficiency. Dario Lancets can only be used with the Dario Glucose Monitoring Device.

Why use Dario Lancets?

Dario Lancets, paired with the Dario Glucose Monitoring Device, offer four adjustable depths to ensure that the penetration is only as deep as necessary to help reduce patient discomfort. A lever is used to move from numbers one to four, with one being the shallowest depth and four being the deepest. Samples can also be easily loaded into the Dario Lancing Device that has an integrated meter for a quick blood sugar check.

How to use Dario Lancets

The Dario Lancets are ultra-thin, offering pain-free blood sampling. Simply load a sample into the Dario Lancing Device, which is integrated into the meter, and lance your finger for a comfortable, simple, and quick glucose test. Dario Lancets are compatible with any skin types and are manufactured with extreme precision. The ultra-thin and light design increases patient comfort and reduces tissue damage, making it more suitable for repeat testing. It also requires only 0.3 microliters of blood. Dario also has a comprehensive real-time mobile app that can help manage diabetes.

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