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Freestyle Freedom Lite Meter


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The FreeStyle Lite Meter is a small and portable blood glucose monitor (glucometer) used for self-testing your blood glucose levels comfortably at home or on the go. This glucometer can help you measure your blood glucose level and gauge the effectiveness of your diabetes management. It is small and fast, so you can take it wherever you go and get results in just a few seconds. It is also convenient, as it requires no coding and comes with a bright backlight screen that makes testing easy during the day or night. Identify trends and generate useful reports with the Auto-Assist 2.0 software that can help you and your doctor identify issues in your diabetes management. This monitor is compatible with FreeStyle Lite Test Strips, which require only a small sample. The compatible test strips are also easy to use.

How to use this glucometer

Before you begin using this glucometer, make sure the time and date are correct.

As there is no coding required to use this glucometer, simply insert a test strip and sample to get your reading within seconds.

Prepare your lancing device by picking it up and removing the top and inserting the lancet. When it is in place, remove the top by gently twisting, which should reveal the sharp lancet. Then replace the top of the lancing device and cock it. Set the dial on your lancing device to “2”. To insert the test strips, make sure they are FreeStyle test strips and that the expiration date has not passed. Remove the test strips from the container and insert into the meter. This turns the meter on. Now you are ready to obtain a sample using your lancing device. Once you obtain a small blood sample hold one sample area of the test strip to the blood until you see short lines moving clockwise on the meter display or you hear a beep. This means the test strips have enough blood and that the meter is checking you blood glucose. You results will then appear on the display in four seconds.

FAQs About this product

What is the FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitor?

It is a blood glucose monitoring device that uses corresponding glucose strips to analyze the blood sugar level of an individual.

What is the FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitor used for?

It is intended to be used by patients that are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus as a self-monitoring system, so patients can monitor their own blood sugar levels and evaluate the efficiency of the antidiabetic medications. It is supplied as follows: one FreeStyle Freedom Lite meter, one lancing device, 10 lancets, one carrying case, and an owner’s guide. The FreeStyle Freedom Lite blood glucose monitor can only be used with FreeStyle Lite test strips.

Why use FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Monitor?

The Freestyle Freedom Lite blood glucose monitor features large numbers that can be read easily at a glance. It is ergonomically designed to ensure that it is easy to hold. Additionally, the results are fast and accurate, requiring only five seconds to display.

The FreeStyle family of products is designed to make glucose monitoring easy and convenient. It has a user-friendly data management software that can be downloaded to a desktop computer. The patient can then access and print out reports, including logbooks, that is helpful in quickly analyzing data and identifying any worrisome trends.

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