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Microlet Lancets


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About the Bayer Contour Microlet Lancets

Bayer Contour Microlet Lancets are for the collection of blood samples to help you monitor your blood glucose levels while managing your diabetes. They are compatible with Bayer’s Microlet, Microlet 2 and Microlet Vaculance lancing devices. Contour Microlet Lancets are covered with silicone to provide gentler, easier testing. The silicone coating lowers the surface friction of the needle, makes the removal of the protective cap easier, lowers the potential risk of plastic residue from the lancing device cap and also lowers the puncture force needed for achieving a successful blood sample. Contour Microlet Lancets are available in seven vibrant colors that allow you to color code your testing times to give you a visual reminder to change your diabetic lancets. These lancets are available in packages of 100 or 200 units.

How to use

Before you are ready to use these lancets, make sure to wash your hands and test site with warm, soapy water, and then dry them thoroughly afterwards.

To insert your lancet, remove the endcap of your lancing device by holding the lancing device with your thumb gripping the indent, while holding the endcap dial with the other hand. Then snap the endcap off from top to bottom. Loosen up the round protective cap on your lancet by rotating it a quarter turn, but do not remove it. Firmly insert the diabetic lancet into your lancing device until it comes to a full stop. Now you can twist off the round protective lancet cap. Save the cap for when you are disposing the used lancet after your test. Replace the solid color endcap of your lancing device. Make sure to dispose of your lancet properly after you have collected your sample. Everything that comes in contact with blood should be handled as if it is capable of transmitting viral diseases.

Manufacture: Bayer Diagnostic

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