OneTouch Verio Blood Glucose Meter


OneTouch Verio Blood Glucose Meter


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The OneTouch Verio Glucose Monitor allows you to test the concentration of glucose in your blood for managing your diabetes. The OneTouch Verio System features a color-coded range that shows whether a test result is above (red), below (blue) or in (green) range of healthy limits, without the need to scroll or push buttons. The systems looks for trends, and if there are signs of progress it provides positive reinforcement with Progress Notes, which inform you about the progress you are making in managing your diabetes and how often your blood glucose level results are in range. The system automatic calculates your weekly blood glucose level averages, with 14, 30 and 90 day averages also available.

94% of people, after using the OneTouch Verio Meter for a week, said it made their blood glucose test results simpler to understand.

How to use this glucometer

Before using your OneTouch Verio blood glucose monitoring system, carefully read the Owner’s Booklet and all the inserts that come with the system.

The OneTouch Verio glucose monitoring system is compatible with OneTouch Verio Test Strips and OneTouch Verio Control Solution.

Start by making sure that the time, date and language are correct on your meter. Your OneTouch Verio blood glucose monitoring system comes with preset blood glucose level limits (low 70 mg/dl, high 180 mg/dl), which you can change to reflect your own individual limits.

Inside your OneTouch Verio blood glucose monitoring system kit you should find your meter, a OneTouch Delica lancing device, and some OneTouch Delica sterile lancets. You will need purchase compatible test strips separately.

To begin you blood glucose test, wash your hands and the sample site with warm water and soap, making sure to dry completely afterwards. Next, put in a new sterile OneTouch Delica lancet, sliding the cocking back until it clicks. Your test strips are for a single test only, use them immediately after you open the vial. When inserting the test strip into the test strip port, make sure the gold side and two silver prongs are facing you. To get a blood sample, hold the OneTouch Delica lancing device firmly against side of the finger and press release to lance your finger. Do not use your sample if it is smeared or if the sample runs. When you see the Apply Blood prompt appear, apply blood to either side of the test strip. When the test strip touches your sample it quickly wicks blood into a channel. The channel will turn red when it is completely filled. This will begin a countdown from five to one and then your results will be ready and a color-coded dot on screen will appear to let you know if your sample is within your healthy limits.

Manufacturer: Lifescan Canada LTD

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