1. Prior to use, wash the hands thoroughly with soapy, warm water. Then rinse and dry.
  2. Remove the cap and insert a new OneTouch Delica 30g Lancet into your OneTouch Delica Lancing Device. The lancet should not be twisted. Attach the cap again and adjust the depth setting. The lower the number, the shallower the puncture. Conversely, larger number will create a deeper puncture.
  3. When deciding the number, consider factors such as skin thickness. In general, shallower punctures are suitable for most adults and children. Patients with callused or thick skin are better suited for deeper puncture.
  4. Select the desired setting by twisting the cap. To prepare the lancing device, slide the control button back (until it clicks). If the button does not click, it may have been locked.
    To puncture the finger, firmly hold the lancing device against the side of the finger.
  5. Then, press the release button and remove the device from the finger.
  6. Finally, massage and squeeze the fingertip gently until a round drop of blood is obtained. Do not use a smeared blood sample for blood glucose test.

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