One of the many concerns that individuals with type 1 diabetes often appeal to or inquire about is if their condition has a corresponding cure. To suffice this concern, there is NO available cure for such a health problem. The only way for the condition to be better managed and controlled is by taking the necessary insulin medications and associating them with the right diet and proper exercise.

What does it mean to have type 1 diabetes?

When you are diagnosed with the said condition, there is not enough insulin that the body produces to control its levels of blood sugar. This condition greatly affects how the pancreas work, making it difficult for the body to manage and stop the surge of blood glucose levels. When this happens, there is too much sugar existent within the body. As a result, different health complications can emerge.

Cure and Treatment

As mentioned, the cure for type 1 diabetes is still absent today. The availability of insulin injections is the only best approach to manage the condition. Whether it is rapid-acting insulin or long-acting brands, controlling the levels of blood glucose becomes possible and easier.

To find a cure means to reverse the disease, especially diabetes. Today, there are a number of clinical trials in progress to create a concrete solution to this condition. Furthermore, the said cure will help the body enable its natural process of producing insulin to stabilize the levels of blood sugar.

What kind of cure is needed by the body?

The so-called biological cure is what medical experts look to develop today. This type of cure involves the assistance given to help the body produce its own supply of insulin and maintain the levels of blood sugar at a normal rate. This treatment hasn’t been created yet, but clinical trials are ongoing.


It will probably take more time to have a substantial and concrete cure for type 1 diabetes. Thankfully, the availability of insulin medications can help in controlling someone’s blood glucose levels. However, patients who are observing such medication must also take the necessary measure to ensure that their treatment is progressive. Such measures may include regular exercise and having a strict diet that doesn’t contribute to the spike in blood sugar.