A new study has found that the drug Glyburide can cause problems in babies whose mothers were given the drug to treat diabetes that developed during pregnancy. The study has found a link between this drug and an increased risk of stillbirth and neonatal death when compared with other diabetes drugs. This study will be discussed in greater detail in this blog.

Conclusion: The medication has been associated with low birth weight and birth defects. When pregnant, always ask your doctor about the possible side effects of the medicine.

Side Effects in Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a condition that affects pregnant women who have never had signs of diabetes before, although they may have high blood sugar levels. People with GDM must control their blood sugar to prevent pregnancy complications.

Glyburide has been known to many for managing blood sugar levels. However, it has been analyzed that the use of Glyburide by pregnant women can result to higher incidences of the following:

  1. NICU Admission,
  2. Hypoglycemia,
  3. Respiratory Distress Syndrome,
  4. Birth Injury, and
  5. Abnormal Growth for Gestational Age.

“Medical professionals need to be aware that not all women with gestational diabetes will respond to this treatment. We need to better understand which women can manage their diabetes successfully using glyburide and how the use of this medication impacts the health of newborns,” said lead researcher Michele Jonsson Funk. “There are unanswered questions about how well women who start with glyburide might respond to insulin throughout pregnancy and into the postpartum period because there is inadequate data on these high-risk births.”

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However, it should be noted that while there have been higher birth risks found for pregnant women who use Glyburide, it is also important to know that the study wasn’t done to show a direct cause and effect relationship between taking the drug and being pregnant.

Should Pregnant Women Use Glyburide?

Over the course of studies done by various medical professionals pertaining the use of Glyburide by pregnant women, there have been irregularities in their results. This is due to the differences in birth complications potentially by the fact that these women may not have ample control of their blood sugar levels.

And so, to conclude, the authors of the study have advised doctors to look for alternative medications to prescribe to patience with gestational diabetes just until additional studies are done and hopefully a safe alternative is found to manage GDM.

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