Novolin R vs Humulin R. Both are injectable insulin drugs that are prescribed to patients with diabetes. Diabetes is a condition where the body cannot produce enough insulin, which leads to high levels of blood glucose. If left untreated, high levels of blood glucose can cause diabetes complications such as blindness, kidney failure, or stroke. To prevent these complications, diabetic patients can take insulin drugs such as Novolin R and Humulin R. Insulin helps to reduce high amounts of blood sugar by sending signals to the fat and muscle cells to absorb sugar from the bloodstream. Both medications work the same as the natural insulin hormone. When injected under the skin, these insulin drugs work by reducing high amounts of blood glucose. We will take a closer look at the similarities and differences of these 2 insulin drugs.

What is Novolin R?

It is a short-acting man-made insulin that works similarly to the naturally made hormone. Novolin R is usually prescribed in combination with an exercise and diet program. When administered subcutaneously, Novolin R helps blood sugar enter the muscle cells, where it is used for energy. It may be prescribed with intermediate– or long-acting insulin.

What is Humulin R?

It is a brand name of Insulin Regular, which is a man-made insulin that works by reducing high levels of blood sugar in the body. Humulin R is taken via injection into the fatty skin tissue. This short-acting insulin drug can also be administered intravenously with the help of a health-care provider. The drug should not be used if the solution contains particles or has changed colors.

Similarities and differences between Novolin R vs Humulin R


Novolin R and Humulin R are 2 brand names of the same diabetes drug called regular insulin. Regular insulin is a short-acting insulin, which means that it takes a short time to work in the body. Insulin regular has an onset time of about 30 minutes, and duration of 5 to 8 hours. Both medications are available in vials, which should be injected using a syringe. Your doctor can tell which insulin drug is right for you. Both Novolin R and Humulin R can be injected intravenously or subcutaneously. These 2 drugs also share the same side effects, including nausea, dry mouth, depression, and blurred vision. If you experience these side effects, you should consult with your health-care provider immediately.


Novolin r and humulin r are two different brands of the same insulin type. That means, they are manufactured by different companies but are the same short acting insulin drug. Speak to your doctor so that you can know which drug is suitable for you. Some insulin brands can be interchanged while others cannot. Don’t change these two brands without consulting with your doctor.

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