An important advancement in research is the concurrent advancement in treatment as well. Diabetes has had several changes in the types of medications offered and the ways they can be delivered. Novo Nordisk has 2 delivery methods that work well for people that are using insulin aspart, or fast-acting insulin, in their diabetes management. Insulin aspart, or Novolog as it is marketed by Novo Nordisk, is an insulin designed to be taken immediately before meals. As such, convenient carrying and delivery methods are important to consider when looking at its use.

What is NovoRapid PenFill?

The NovoRapid PenFill is a cartridge refill for the NovoPen Echo. Penfill is sold as 3ml prefilled cartridges. Each cartridge has 100 units of insulin aspart per ml. Insulin dosages can be pre-measured accurately by half units and is customizable to the patient’s dosage needs. Its memory function reminds the patient of the last dosage amount and the time since the last dose was administered—a feature not seen on many insulin injectors. Once the 3ml Penfill cartridge is empty, it can be easily replaced, reducing environmental waste.

What is NovoRapid FlexPen?

The FlexPen, also made by Novo Nordisk, is a single use insulin injector. It also has the function of being able to adjust the dosage setting, but the injector must be replaced once the full unit is empty. It measures dosage in full unit increments for up to a total single dosage of 60 units. It is sold containing 3ml of insulin solution with 100 units of insulin aspart per ml. The FlexPen is often sold in sets of 5 injectors, which are disposable after complete use.

Dosage and Warnings

As with all other insulins, dosages for insulin aspart must be carefully monitored and should be taken as is directed by your doctor. Be sure to monitor your blood sugar before and after meals. Be sure to watch out for symptoms of hypoglycemia, as taking too large of a dose can put you at risk of experiencing this.

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