Repaglinide (Prandin)Dosage

Repaglinide is available in tablets containing 0.5 mg, 1 mg, or 2 mg of the active ingredient. For patients beginning Repaglinide therapy who have not been previously treated with anti-diabetic agents, or who have an HbA1c of <8%, the usual initiation dose is 0.5 mg, preprandially, for each meal.

For patients who have previously been treated with drugs to lower blood glucose, or if the patient’s HbA1c is ≥8%, the initial preprandial dose for each meal is usually 1 mg or 2 mg. Dosage adjustments should be made based on blood glucose response, generally measured by fasting blood glucose analysis. The preprandial dosage can be titrated up to 4 mg of Prandin until a satisfactory reduction in blood glucose levels have been achieved.

How to take Repaglinide

You should not stop taking Repaglinide without your doctor’s permission. Take this medication as it is prescribed by your doctor. That means you should not take smaller or larger doses of Repaglinide than what is recommended. As you take Prandin, you should check your blood glucose regularly. You can share your results with your doctor so that they can determine the right dosage for you. In case your blood sugar is too high or too low you should change your treatment plan.

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