What is a lancing device used for?

Lancing Device or Lancet Device is a medical device that uses Lancets to prick your finger and collect a blood sample. This blood sample is then placed in a meter like a Blood Glucose Meter to determine sugar levels in Blood. A Lancing Device is often refered to as a blood sampling device. Lancets and Lancing Devices are two different objects. Lancing Devices use Lancets. Lancets are used along with Lancing Devices to collect blood samples. Lancets are the small needles equipped on Lancing Devices. These sharp needles are used to prick your finger and cause it to bleed a little. That way, you can collect a blood drop or sample. Lancets are also known as blood lancets or simply as lancets.

Difference between lancets and lancet devices

The main difference between Lancing Devices and Lancets, is that Lancing devices are used more than once while Lancets are disposed after one use.

Most Lancing Devices allow you to choose how deep you want needles (Lancets) to prick your finger to obtain the blood sample.

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