What are the worst fruits for diabetics?

Worst Fruits for Diabetics. Adding fruits to your daily meal plan helps you achieve a balanced diet. Besides vegetables, fruits are also a smart option for attaining good health. However, not all fruits are suitable for everyone, especially those with diabetes.

Some varieties of fruits can cause a spike in blood sugar levels due to their high sugar content. Although these fruits contribute to diabetes complications, medical experts can occasionally recommend them depending on your health conditions and their GI.

How will you know if a particular fruit is harmful to your condition? Well, the first thing to learn is its glycemic index (GI) score, which determines how much a portion of food can affect your blood glucose levels. Make sure any fruit you eat has a GI score of less than 45.

  • Banana – Bananas are high in sugar levels and carbohydrates. One serving of this fruit already has 27 grams of sugar, which you can find in candies. Besides causing a spike in blood glucose levels, it can also lead to weight gain. If you haven’t known yet, being obese is one factor why type 2 diabetes develops. Overly ripe bananas have a high GI score of between 70 and 100.
  • Mango – Like bananas, mangoes also contain high glucose and carbohydrates. One piece of mango has an average of 36 grams of sugar, equivalent to or more than what a serving of soda can have. Additionally, the same serving has a whopping 60 grams of carbohydrates, enough to cause a blood sugar spike. Although mango is not initially classified as one of the worst fruits for diabetics, it can contribute to the condition when consumed frequently. Its GI score is 55.
  • Watermelon – This fruit contains plenty of natural sugar with a GI of 72. It is not at all safe for diabetic patients.
  • Tangerines – Tangerine is a type of orange. Although not entirely worst in terms of affecting a person’s blood sugar levels, limiting your consumption of tangerines is a must if you have diabetes. Despite being a citrus fruit, it has higher sugar content compared to limes and lemons. A tangerine’s GI score is 47, which is relatively low; however, its sugar content makes it a little harmful for people with diabetes.
  • Lychees – Lychees are considered one of the worst fruits for people with diabetes because they are a sweetener for different desserts. One serving has 29 grams of sugar, which causes an abnormal increase in blood glucose levels. Its GI score is 60.


If you have diabetes, eating the mentioned fruits above is still possible, but only in moderation and under medical supervision. Adding these to your daily meal plan can still provide you with the necessary vitamins and nutrients for better health. Ensure to pair these servings with fiber and protein-rich foods to balance your blood sugar levels and prevent episodes of diabetes attacks.

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