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semglee vs lantus

Semglee Vs. Lantus

The availability of effective and efficient insulin injections today, like Lantus and Semglee, has paved the way for easier and accessible diabetes management and treatment.

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coconut milk and diabetes

Coconut Milk and Diabetes

Known for its very nutritious properties, coconut milk is already proven to be great sustenance for individuals with diabetes. It is used in many different

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cure for type 1 diabetes

Is Diabetes Type 1 Curable?

One of the many concerns that individuals with type 1 diabetes often appeal to or inquire about is if their condition has a corresponding cure.

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bydureon side effects

Bydureon Side Effects

Side Effects of Bydureon Similar to other medicines used in treating diabetes, Bydureon also comprises different side effects right after using it. This medicine is administered

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