One of the most prime vegetables served on most dining tables, especially for its many benefits and its capacity to manage diabetes, are beets. Known as a variety of what is called Beta vulgaris, beets appear as red, cultivated and hardy root veggies with a sweet taste. This type of vegetable is grown because of its succulent leaves, as well as its nutritious roots. Aside from its red appearance, beets can also appear as golden, sometimes white, and even striped variants of the said vegetable.

Before its known benefits to providing medical relief to many diseases today, beets have already been used centuries ago. Its main purpose was to be a medicinal herb in treating a few illnesses. It was also cultivated as food, which makes it multipurpose. Apart from these accounts, a fun fact states that beets were utilized as sources of aphrodisiac, which means substances or food ingested to stimulate an individuals’ sexual desire, pleasure, and behavior. Today, with the advancement of science, it has become known that there are a lot more about beets that make them a very rich and nutritious vegetable.

But how does a single component of beets benefit people who are suffering from diabetes? What are the benefits that make it an advantage for diabetic people?

Beets and Diabetes

So, are beets good for diabetes? The answer is YES. Beets are loaded with a lot of nutrition. It is one of those sets of vegetables, which comprise active minerals and nutrients necessary for managing illnesses, specifically diabetes. Its sweet flavor adds to its load of nourishment. Its health benefits are a ton, enough to make it known as a great alternative in diabetes management. It lowers the body’s blood pressure, reduces and diminishes episodes of nerve damage, boosts the body’s performance during exercises, lessens inflammation in the bloodstream, and protects the heart from alarming ailments. All these health benefits not only help individuals living with diabetes but also stand as a therapy for other diseases.

Aside from the mentioned benefits, the nutrition sources of this vegetable are as follows:

  • Fiber – When the body isn’t capable of digesting enough food, fiber-rich food just like beets can help in the process. Ingesting enough fiber can lessen the intake of too much sugar or glucose.
  • Antioxidants – These are natural substances that fight free radicals from harming the body. Beets are one of the many vegetables that comprise many antioxidant properties.

Health Benefits of Beets

Alongside the availability of fiber and antioxidants in beets, the following also discusses the many health benefits of consuming beets or adding them to your daily meal plan.

  • It’s common knowledge that hypertension occurs in people with diabetes. To alleviate hypertension, diabetic people can consume beets, either eating them directly or making juice out of them. The said vegetable is highly capable of widening the blood vessels, allowing clear blood flow in the system.
  • One of the signs of diabetes is nerve damage. To ensure that this condition does not get worse, consuming beets is highly recommended. A study has recorded one form of antioxidant, called alpha-lipoic acid, is found in beets, which assists the body in diminishing episodes of nerve damage.
  • Consuming beet juice is known for its benefit in improving the body’s coordination and muscles. Once an individual is able to exercise, it prevents his/her risk of developing health concerns, especially with the heart. Note that people who are diagnosed with different heart conditions can develop diabetes.
  • One of the major components of beets is betalains. It gives the vegetable its red color but also provides a major health benefit. For diabetic people, inflammations can occur. When beets are ingested, there are fewer chances of having inflammation, even preventing rheumatoid arthritis from occurring.

Take advantage of the health benefits that beets can give to you. Whether you have diabetes or none, the vegetable can be a good source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It wouldn’t cost you a lot to add a little color of beets in your daily meal plan, right? After all, it’s your health we are talking about! Beat diabetes today and eat beets! Let’s get health diseases and concerns manageable by making use of the nourishment that this food can provide!

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