Diabetes and Covid Vaccine

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diabetes and covid vaccine

The creation of a vaccine has been the utmost priority since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, the vaccine becomes available during the surge of the virus. Those with underlying health conditions need to get vaccinated immediately for added protection.

Following the success of developing the vaccine. Individuals are categorized based on their morbidity, especially with those who have chronic diseases. One of these diseases is diabetes. Is the vaccine for COVID-19 harmless for individuals with varying blood glucose levels?

Besides the observance of regular insulin shots, individuals with diabetes must also get the COVID-10 vaccine. Since this group of individuals is easily infected by the virus, it is necessary to have added protection since the virus only complicates the underlying health issue.

What are your options for the vaccines?

Different countries and pharmaceutical companies have created a vaccine. However, the most popular are as follows:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen
  • Moderna

Some of these vaccines will require you to take two shots and a booster after full six months. Discuss with your healthcare professional which vaccine applies to your condition.

My blood sugar levels are varying. Am I suitable for the vaccination?

YES. Individuals with varying blood sugar levels need to get vaccinated. Being diagnosed with diabetes puts individuals at risk of developing severe COVID infection. It helps their immunity and assists in fighting the infection.

Things to do before receiving a vaccine

In your case, discussing your condition with your healthcare professional first is a must. Inquire about the side effects of the vaccine and how can you better manage your blood sugar levels. You must also inquire if a booster shot is necessary.

Adverse Reactions

The adverse reactions you will get after receiving your vaccine are mild and manageable. If you get a fever, take OTC medications, and you’ll recover after a few hours. Some adverse reactions include swollen arms, pain at the injection site, and chills.


COVID may be deadly if you don’t get vaccinated immediately. This goes to all with underlying health conditions, as their immune system is compromised. A vaccine can help protect your immunity and help your body build a fortress for your health. If you are hesitant about receiving your first shot, understand the importance of the vaccine and how it can help you during this time.