Cashews and Diabetes

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cashews and diabetes

Nuts are a good source of fiber and protein. They can improve blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes attacks. Cashew nut is one of them. Learn the benefits of consuming cashew nuts and how it helps maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Cashew nuts are kidney-shaped seeds that contain a lot of essential nutrients. Like almonds and walnuts, cashew nuts are rich in unsaturated fat, protein, and fiber. The composition of unsaturated fat in a cashew nut helps protect the heart from cardiovascular problems and heart-related complications. It also helps in preventing blood sugar spikes.

What are other nutrients contained in a cashew nut?

Besides unsaturated fat, fiber, and protein, a cashew nut contains carbohydrates, copper, vitamins, minerals, magnesium, antioxidants, and manganese. The composition of these nutrients helps manage blood sugar levels while also promoting bone and brain health.

If you notice, carbohydrates are also present in a cashew nut. However, this should not worry you. The amount of carbohydrates in cashew nuts is low, making them healthy enough to consume. However, it would be best only to eat cashew nuts in moderation.

What advantages can you get from consuming cashew nuts?

Eating cashew nuts can help control the condition of people with varying blood sugar levels. This nut variety is highly effective in people with type 2 diabetes. Besides preventing blood sugar spikes, it also reduces susceptibility to heart-related conditions.

Cashew nuts also have low GI (glycemic index) levels. It is one of the reasons why dietitians recommend these nuts, provided you do not have any conflicting underlying health conditions.

How often should you eat cashew nuts?

You can eat cashew nuts anytime; however, eating them at nighttime is a better option. Cashew nuts boost stamina, thus enabling the body to energize the following day. Cashew nuts are also a great snack choice. They are entirely safe to consume.


Besides its advantages for blood sugar, a cashew nut contains other properties that improve other medical conditions. For example, the presence of antioxidants reduces the development of cancer. Other than that, adding nuts to your daily diet reduces susceptibility to obesity or weight gain.

Before adding cashew nuts to your diet, always inform your dietitian or healthcare professional about your plans.