What is diabetes food hub? Every diabetic has struggled with making smart dietary choices at least once in their lifetime. The overwhelming tasks of calculating the glycemic index and identifying the best meal plan can be a challenge in the initial days, or, as they navigate through this condition. Diabetic Food Hub is a platform founded by ADA with the mission to guide several diabetics across the US (and the globe) who are in quest of their “ideal meal plan”. The portal focuses on offering tools and resources for meal planning, grocery shopping, and curating healthy recipes that support diabetes management without taking a toll on the taste buds.

What can you expect in the American Diabetes Associated Food Hub?

Creating a profile for the food hub is as easy as creating a profile for any other social media sites. After your registration, you will have access to:

  1. Healthy and tasty recipes that support diabetes management
  2. Curated and customized dietary recommendations by nutritionists and experts.
  3. Meal planning tools, so you can schedule and prepare your menu in advance.
  4. Grocery tools  

American Diabetes Association Food Hub is a one stop solution for diabetes meal management. 

To plan your meals, you have to start with selecting the recipes of your choice for breakfast, lunch, snacking and dinner. In the next step you can create your meal plans with the chosen recipes. In the third step, you plan your groceries in a downloadable format.

What Canadian Insulin feels about American Diabetes Associated Food Hub?

Here are some of our observations about this platform.

American Diabetes Associated Food Hub can give a great start to your diabetes meal management journey. A foodie, or a picky eater can find this platform helpful in the initial days. However, as you get more adjusted to the new eating habits you may not find it as valuable.

It surely has some great recipes. However, we found equally healthy and diabetes friendly recipes on Youtube.

How many times in a day would you refer back to a website for recipes, grocery lists and meal schedule? An app that notifies you on important reminders, tasks and recipes is more practical on a daily basis. Unfortunately, American Diabetes Associated Food Hub is only available on web-based platform. The user experience may appeal to an old-soul who is more comfortable with a web-based interface than an app-based interface.  

The Diabetes Plate Method:

This is not related to the “American Diabetes Associated Food Hub” topic, but as someone in quest for a healthy diabetes diet, you may want to know about the diabetes plate method recommended by ADA.

It is a helpful method to select the right portion of the right nutrient. Consider the following:

Fill ½ of the plate with non-starchy vegetables and fruits.

Maximizing the consumption of non-starchy vegetables and fruits in the safest bet, as well as the most recommended approach. Some non-starchy veggies are broccoli, green salad, tomatoes, zucchini, and asparagus. Go for fruits like avocado, kiwi, plums, grapefruits and pears that are low on sugar and high of fiber.

Fill a quarter of the plate with whole grains for the ideal portion of carbs.

You can choose from brown rice, quinoa, beans, and lentils. If you are pre-diabetic, or borderline diabetic, you can have a small amount of starchy vegetables – such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, or a small amount of refined carb – such as white rice and pasta.

Fill the last quarter of the plate with protein-rich foods.

Protein is essential in controlling diabetes. It slows down digestion to prevent a spike in blood sugar. The best sources of protein include beef, cottage cheese, eggs, chicken meat, tofu, clams, and fish.

With the diabetes plate method, you can save time and become more attentive to the food you eat regularly. Aside from the plate method, you can also follow the recipes featured on the diabetes food hub. Manage your diabetes well and ensure that you control your blood sugar appropriately to avoid health complications.