What are blood glucose meters?

Glucose Monitors Part of diabetes management is the daily monitoring of blood sugar levels. This routine becomes possible with the use of blood glucose monitors and meters. But what are these devices? How do they help people diagnosed with diabetes mellitus?

Blood glucose monitors allow a person with diabetes to track their blood glucose levels in the comfort of their own home. These devices provide the daily measurement of sugar in the blood, which plays a vital role in diabetes management and treatment.

The glucose monitor device itself is a small, portable machine consisting of a screen, buttons, and a port for test strip insertion. There are different types of blood glucose monitors and meters, but all of them can be handy and easy to use.

How do glucose monitors work?

Blood glucose meters check for blood sugar levels. These devices work by analyzing a small blood sample, typically from a fingertip. Regular usage of these devices will help people with diabetes understand and learn more about their condition. By knowing their blood glucose levels, it becomes easier to make decisions about diet, exercise, and medication dosage (insulin shots and oral diabetes drugs).

Using blood glucose meters will also help you stay within range of the blood glucose level that your healthcare professional calculated according to your age, weight, and condition. Once you regularly check your blood sugar, you will determine if it’s too high or too low. Based on the results, you will know how to adjust your diabetes management plan.

List of diabetes glucose monitors/meters

We listed the top glucose meters in the year 2022. Consider the list below and identify which fits best for you. We also included the advantages and disadvantages of using these meters.

Care Touch Blood Glucose Monitoring System

  • This blood glucose monitoring system is based on the traditional form of diabetes test and check. It is very easy to use and affordable. In just 5 seconds, you can view your blood sugar data. Its features include a 14-day reading average, 300 readings storage, 100 lancets and test strips, and a lancing device.


  • All-in-one kit for beginners
  • Consistency in blood sugar results
  • Cost-effective


  • The test strips can be small and hard to use.

Dexcom G6

  • This meter is a type of CGM (continuous glucose monitoring). It automatically tracks blood sugar levels. In using this device, you can easily take a look at your blood sugar levels anytime. It features a sensor you will place on your abdomen, which transmits the needed data automatically.


  • You will get readings every 5 minutes.
  • Consistent with results
  • It features insulin pumps.


  • Requires frequent change of sensor

    Accu Check Guide

    • The Accu Check Guide features the traditional way of blood sugar testing and checking. It features a strip ejector and port lighting. The strip ejector provides a more sanitary option to dispose of the strip, while the port light serves as an assistant when performing the test in low-light places.


    • It has a Bluetooth program for a better connection with a mobile app.
    • A calculator is available to determine daily insulin dosage
    • Long battery life
    • It has a backlight and port light.


    • The meter can be costly.
    • It does not connect with other CGMs or other diabetes devices.

    Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter

    • The Bayer Contour monitoring system features newer meters in the form of Contour XT and Contour Next. It has a personalized hi/lo target range, which helps in diabetes management. It can also provide a summary of an individual’s blood glucose test result.


    • Testing time is faster compared to traditional meters.
    • It offers a second-chance sampling.
    • The meter can turn on automatically once a test strip is inserted.


    • It requires blood to be taken from the fingertips only.

    Dario Blood Glucose Meter

    • Unlike other blood glucose meters, the Dario monitoring device requires a plug-in system to work. This plug-in system directly connects Android/iPhone with an app that allows people with diabetes to view their blood sugar data. It is designed for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Its data is also shareable so that you can send your results to your family and friends.


    • It has a shareable feature.
    • It features an emergency “hypo alert” system.
    • No charging required.


    • Can be expensive
    • Compatibility with a smartphone is required