What you need to know about the Dario Blood Glucose Meter

The Dario blood glucose meter is a glucose monitoring system that helps test and checks your blood sugar levels. It is easily plugged in and directly connects your Android phone or iPhone together with an app that allows you to view your blood sugar data. Its handy features, and rectangular shape with orange highlights, make this glucose meter an easy device for checking and managing diabetes.

The Dario meter is specifically designed for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Unlike other blood glucose meters, this device does not have a Bluetooth feature. It needs to be connected to the phone using a plugged-in device to be able to work. What are the features available in this device?

  • a graph that indicates your blood glucose levels
  • a statistic dashboard that helps categorize your blood sugar data
  • it features a shareable data
  • a food database (over 500,000 food choices)
  • a database of physical activities (biking, walking, or skiing)
  • access to the personalized diabetes program

This blood glucose monitoring system has a feature that helps a person with diabetes in emergency cases. It is called the “hypo-alert” feature. How does it work? It’s very simple. If you experience an episode of hypoglycemia, the meter will send a message to a maximum of four people, together with your blood sugar readings. A link is also provided with the message containing your smartphone’s GPS.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The following list includes the advantages and disadvantages of using the Dario Blood Glucose Meter:


  • it easily fits in your pocket, which is very helpful if you go out a lot
  • it has a shareable data feature
  • it has an emergency “hypo alert” feature
  • it offers a tab for your carb count
  • no charging necessary
  • the app associated with the meter is free


  • compatibility with a smartphone is necessary
  • can be costly in the absence of insurance
  • there is no option to change your preferred glucose range

How to use the Dario meter?

The steps for using the Dario blood glucose meter are similar to other glucose monitors. The only difference is the usage of a smartphone. Consider the following steps:

  • Open the Dario app.
  • Remove the Dario smart meter and connect it to your smartphone’s charging port or audio jack.
  • Take out a new test strip.
  • When prompted by the app, insert the test strip into the meter with the gold square facing upwards.
  • After inserting the test strip, set the lancet.
  • Slide the bar marked with an arrow down.
  • Place the lancet opening against the side of your finger.
  • Press the orange release button to draw blood.
  • Place a drop of blood into the inserted test strip.
  • Wait as the Dario app is measuring.
  • Remove the used test strip and dispose of it.
  • Your results will appear on the screen, and the data will be saved automatically.
  • When you track additional information, tap the check button on the upper right corner to save the entry.

Discard and replace the lancets used accordingly.