If you have been looking for a natural, plant-based treatment for insulin, then we have good news for you. Research has identified a plant-based diabetes solution that can act as natural insulin to treat diabetes. Aside from diabetes, it also improves other health conditions like cancer. Read the blog to learn more about this plant.

But what is an insulin plant? How does it work in treating diabetes?

Also known by its scientific name “costus igneus nak”, it is a relative to the ginger family. It measures 2 – 3 feet tall with stunning flowers. Its leaves are arranged in a spiral pattern, which led to its common names, Spiral flag and Stepladder.

The insulin plant is originally cultivated in the tropical regions of South and Central America. Because of the efficacy of its leaves as a dietary supplement in treating high blood sugar levels, medical professionals call it the insulin plant. This has been a popular ayurvedic treatment for blood sugar issues for centuries.

Is it possible for it to treat diabetes?

The leaves of the plant are a great source of different nutrients, such as antioxidants, iron, and protein. These nutrients are essential in treating diabetes.

A recent study in India reported how phenomenal the insulin plant is in diabetes treatment. The study involved a group of diabetes patients who consumed one fresh insulin plant leaf while another group of the same condition consumed one teaspoon of insulin plant powder. This procedure took a whole month, to record the progress.

The authors of this study later concluded that people who regularly consume insulin plant leaves have more improvement in their glycemic status. However, this improvement comes along with other diabetes treatment essentials. Simultaneously, the group who consumed oral powder also improved their glycemic control and more protection against diabetes complications.

How to consume it?

Consuming insulin plant is easy. Consider the following steps:

  • If you prefer insulin leaves, consume one leaf by chewing it. Follow this routine twice a day.

Note: Since it can be hard to get fresh insulin leaves, you can opt for dried leaf powder. You can buy one packet in selected herbal stores.

  • Add the powder to the water and let it boil.
  • Once boiling, turn the heat off and cool the solution.
  • Once cooled, consume the solution twice a day.

Note: The best time to consume the solution is in the morning before breakfast and nighttime before bed.

What is the side effect of insulin plants?

The major side effect of it is hypoglycemia. Why?

When you take insulin, the body absorbs more sugar from the bloodstream. When this occurs, the person’s blood sugar levels will drop. This condition is called hypoglycemia, with symptoms like dizziness, pale skin, sweating, and seizures.