Whether you are in movie theatres or just at home enjoying the moment, eating popcorn is enough to give you pleasure and a good alternative snack wherever you are. While this snack is made for all, regardless of age, there is one question that needs an absolute answer. Can people with diabetes eat popcorn? Is it a safe snack for individuals who have been diagnosed with unstable blood sugar levels?

Nutritional Facts About Popcorn

Aside from being a whole-grain food, popcorn contains a lot of nutritional advantages and health benefits. Consider the following nutritional information with regards to consuming this snack.

1. Carbohydrates

If popcorn is consumed in moderation, this snack is recommended safe due to its low-carb amount. The common serving of popcorn is 3 cups, making 10% of the total body dietary needs.

2. Fats

There are different ways to pop this snack. However, the most recommended approach is through air-pops. Air-popped popcorns only have a small amount of fat compared to popcorn popped in oil or microwave.

3. Protein

As mentioned, a 3-cup serving of popcorn is enough. This is essentially true as 3 cups of popcorn servings make 3 grams of protein. This adds to the needed body protein on a daily basis.

4. Vitamins and Minerals

Whether it be plain or flavoured popcorn, this snack is blessed to comprise a lot of vitamins and minerals. These are as follows:

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Zinc

Health Benefits of Popcorn

Aside from the nutrition information of this snack, it also has a lot of health benefits. These are as follows:

  1. A single serving of popcorn can fill you up quickly. If compared with other snacks, such as potato chips, popcorn can fill your stomach faster than the chips.
  2. Eating popcorn can help in keeping your digestion stabilized. As this snack is insoluble, it keeps the body regular. It helps in keeping a healthy balanced diet and good digestion.
  3. One of the many helpful ingredients of popcorn is polyphenols. It is a form of antioxidant that eliminates free radicals. Moderate consumption of this snack can help prevent the emergence of diseases, with enough antioxidants that fight off illnesses or infections.

With all the health factors and benefits that people can get from consuming this snack, it is safe to say that diabetics can eat and enjoy the pleasure of eating popcorn. Although this snack can contribute to the amount of carbohydrates intake, it also has fibre which keeps everything balanced and healthy.

There is a rule that diabetics need to consider always. The total carbohydrates that the body must have in a day should only be 40 grams or lower than that. While eating popcorn is proven safe, it can give up to 30 grams of carbohydrates to the body. To avoid unnecessary hospitalization due to a rise in carbohydrates, which can also trigger high blood sugar levels, there are other ways to enjoy this snack.

There are popcorn alternatives that you can try! Some of these include keto popcorn, which is made from cheese. Aside from that, avocado crisps are also available and proven to be safer because of the nutrition benefits you can get from the fruit.

Yes, diabetic people can still eat popcorn. However, it should not be done daily. It is why consuming something that can still affect your blood glucose levels should be done moderately. Always remember that monitoring your blood sugar levels plays a significant role in your health. So, be aware of what you eat and always plan your daily meal serving.