Trulicity and Metformin

Publish On Diabetes By Ilia

trulicity and metformin

Treating one of the world’s life-threatening medical conditions, diabetes, has become easier because of the availability of medications today. Whether it be through an oral suspension or injections, people who are living with diabetes are given the opportunity to get treated and live a normal and healthy lifestyle.

Two of the most common medications used for this medical condition are Metformin and Trulicity. While these medications share the same goal in providing medical relief to people with diabetes, they have big differences, most especially with their application.


Metformin – This medication can significantly lower the levels of blood sugar. When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, this is one of the first lines of medications prescribed by healthcare professionals, most especially for those who acquired type 2 diabetes.

Trulicity – Also known by its generic name Dulaglutide, this medicine is also used in providing medical care and therapy to individuals with diabetes mellitus. It is also highly capable of reducing the risk of heart disease associated with diabetes. However, it is not the same as Metformin, which means it is not given when someone is newly diagnosed with the condition. Usually, this medicine is given only in combination with other diabetes medications.


For Metformin, this medicine comes in the form of an oral tablet or suspension. Meanwhile, Trulicity is administered through an injection.

In terms of dosage frequency, metformin is only given once on a daily basis. Meanwhile, injection involving Trulicity is once per week.

To answer the question, “can a diabetic individual take metformin and Trulicity together”, that would depend on the patient’s condition and health profile. During your diagnosis, the healthcare professional will also check and examine your medical history. It includes your previous illnesses and other forms of medications you are currently taking.

While it can be beneficial to take these medicines together, it may not the same for other patients. Since Trulicity can be administered with other medicines, it may go along well with Metformin.

For this kind of matter, always follow your healthcare professional’s advice. Only he/she can decide which type or form of treatment you need to observe.