Wegovy is an injectable prescription medication designed to help manage weight in individuals with weight-related issues. Wegovy works by activating the GLP-1 receptor, which ultimately reduces appetite and calorie consumption. You might also be interested to know that Wegovy can be purchased under the generic name Semaglutide. This medication is administered subcutaneously under the skin, using a convenient prefilled, single-dose pen that’s injected once a week. To give you a better idea, here are some typical doses of Wegovy for both adults and children.

The recommended dosage for adults:

Follow the prescription provided by your doctor, as the dosage may vary depending on several underlying health factors. However, here’s the dosage that is commonly recommended.

  • For the starting dosage, administer 0.25 mg of Wegovy subcutaneously once weekly.
  • After one month, your weekly dose can increase to 0.5 mg.
  • Wegovy dosage can increase until you reach the total dose of 2.4 mg.

The chart below provides the accurate dosing of Wegovy every 4 weeks.

Schedule (in weeks)Dosage
Weeks 1-40.25 mg
Weeks 5-80.5 mg
Weeks 9-121 mg
Weeks 13-161.7 mg
Weeks 17 and onward2.4 mg

The recommended dosage for children:

  • The recommended dosage for children is the same as that for adults. However, if the patient experiences difficulty tolerating the standard maintenance dosage of 2.4 mg, the dosage may be lowered to 1.7 mg per week. If this lower dosage still causes issues, it’s recommended to discontinue the use of Wegovy.

Important instructions to follow when using Wegovy:

  • Blood sugar monitoring is necessary for type 2 diabetes patients while on Wegovy treatment.
  • Inject Wegovy under the skin alternately in the abdomen, thigh, and upper arm.
  • You can inject Wegovy at any time daily, with or without meals.
  • Avoid adjusting your dosage without your doctor’s recommendation and approval.

What to do if you miss a dose?

  • If you missed one dose and the next scheduled dose is due in more than two days, administer the dosage of Wegovy as soon as possible.  
  • If it’s less than two days, skip the missed dose and proceed with the dose scheduled next. Avoid injecting more than one dosage at the same time.