There must be a reason why all doctors recommend apples. This fruit contains many nutrients, which make it a popular fruit. However, are apples safe for individuals with high blood sugar levels?

Benefits of apples for diabetics

The following are what you get in eating apples daily:

  • Fiber
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin C

Most of the nutrients found in an apple are in the skin. That is why dieticians often advise keeping the skin when eating it. However, it is also important to wash them as it may contain harmful chemicals. Adding apples to your daily diet contributes to healthy living.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is a must to avoid excessive carbohydrates intake. While carbs are present in an apple, fiber prevents the increase in blood glucose levels. If you do not know yet, fiber helps in slowing down the digestion process. It also decelerates carbohydrates absorption. This process avoids diabetes attacks.

Like other sweet fruits, apples also contain sugar. However, the type of sugar it contains does not cause the blood sugar levels to spike abnormally. Additionally, the presence of fiber prevents episodes of hyperglycemia. These properties make apples safe to consume regularly.

Insulin resistance is a major concern for diabetics. It is a phenomenon where the body does not use insulin properly or does not allow the supply of insulin to the body. Thankfully, the existence of polyphenols in an apple helps in reducing insulin resistance. The skin of an apple is rich in polyphenols

Lowering your chances of having diabetes attacks

As mentioned, apples contain a number of beneficial antioxidants, such as – Phlorizin, Chlorogenic acid, and Quercetin. These antioxidants slow down the absorption of sugar or glucose. These antioxidants essentially lower blood sugar levels, thus, preventing diabetes-related complications from happening.

Antioxidants are nutritious compounds that block harmful toxins from damaging the body. A body that is well equipped in fighting toxins, will perform better in keeping diseases like diabetes away.


If you have diabetes, adding apples to your diet is a great idea. Besides their delicious taste, they are highly beneficial and nutritious. Raw apple is always healthier than apple juice. This is because packaged juice may contain harmful sugar.