Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

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diabetes and erectile dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction?

It is a condition where men have difficulty getting enough erection for sexual intercourse. It usually occurs in men who have been diagnosed with diabetes. It happens when diabetes is not managed properly, which results in impaired nerves and damaged blood vessels in the penis.

Erectile dysfunction can be very challenging. It triggers frustration not just in men but also in their partners. Let us learn how diabetes affects sex life. Discover treatment options that you can use if this condition happens to you.

Diabetes can complicate without proper treatment. The male sex organ needs functioning blood vessels and healthy nerves for arousal to happen. However, when diabetes complicates, the parts are compromised. Other than the absence of erection, diabetes also lessens sexual stimulations.

Discuss with your healthcare professional

While impotence can be an embarrassment, discussing it with your healthcare professional can help. Start with disclosing your sentiments about not getting enough erection. Your healthcare professional will consider underlying conditions that might contribute to the issue.

Through regular check-ups, your healthcare professional will provide you with more detailed instructions in controlling your blood sugar levels better. Through this approach, you can lessen episodes of ED (erectile dysfunction).

What are the treatment options?

Several medical care options available for treating ED (erectile dysfunction). Here are some:

  • Taking oral medications – You can take prescribed drugs proven and tested in treating ED. Some of these drugs are Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, and Stendra. Before using any of these drugs, obtain a prescription from your healthcare professional first.
  • Vacuum pump – This hollow tube works by pumping and drawing enough blood to create a firm erection. Your healthcare professional will recommend this device if needed.


Since ED is associated with diabetes mellitus, having healthy lifestyle choices can make a big difference. Consider the following factors:

  • Observing a healthy diet – Continue eating healthy and nutritious food to prevent diabetes-related complications from happening. This may help in regaining your sexual drive.
  • Exercise often – Obesity is one of the problems that diabetic individuals encounter. Address obesity by exercising more often and having regular workout sessions at home. This will lessen high blood sugar levels, which also prevent impotence.
  • Cut off alcohol consumption – While alcohol addiction can be challenging to resolve, it helps normal blood glucose levels. More importantly, it prevents the development of other health complications like erectile dysfunction.

Obtain the necessary treatment if erectile dysfunction continues to cause trouble in your sex life. Ask today!