Diabetes and Lifestyle Choices

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Diabetes and Lifestyle Choices

After a diabetes diagnosis, your lifestyle can change abruptly. From eating your favorite dishes to creating a healthy meal plan, from drinking vigorously to taking daily diabetes medications, or from being overweight to exercising regularly, a diabetes diagnosis can turn your life around. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that the changes it demands will be for good, and beneficial for everyone regardless of their health conditions.

These are some healthy lifestyle choices that are beneficial for blood sugar management:


When you think of diabetes, the first thing that comes to mind is sugar or carbohydrates. These compounds are commonly found in foods like rice, flour, bread etc. and can increase your blood sugar levels. You should also stay away from toxic foods like burgers, processed meats, and pizzas, as they can worsen your condition by multiple folds. Instead, choose healthy diet that your doctor recommends, or take a look at the following:

  • Count your carb intake and learn about portion sizes. One key element in managing diabetes is learning how to count your carb intake, as carbs are one of the primary triggers of blood sugar rise. Additionally be mindful of the portion size of your meal. You can do so by simply planning your meal or creating a weekly/ monthly diet chart.
  • Observe a well-balanced meal. If you don’t have the time to plan for your daily meal, then make sure that your diet is well-balanced. The diabetes plate method is one such way to ensure you have enough nutrients, fruits and vegetables on your plate. Aim for fiber-rich foods that prevent the onset of blood sugar spikes.
  • Avoid soda and other beverages. If you are a fan of soda or packaged fruit juices, then get rid of them. These products are high in sugar and can  cause a spike in blood sugar. You can opt for water or natural juices from fresh vegetables.

Physical Activity or Exercise

Obesity is one of the major contributing factors of type 2 diabetes. Simply put, being overweight causes blood sugar to malfunction. Additionally, it leads to insulin resistance that makes way for type 2 diabetes. Now, how does exercising prevent diabetes complications?

  • Sometimes, being inactive for long can lead to many medical problems, and one of them is diabetes. The good news is 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise in a day can prevent diabetes and many other associated health conditions.
  • Exercising can boost insulin sensitivity. As mentioned, insulin resistance can lead to diabetes. However, if you exercise, you help your body become more sensitive to insulin and help stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. One of the results of over-exercising is dehydration. Sweating a lot can be a good sign; however, its side effect can include hypoglycemia. That’s why it is also necessary to bring water or other fluids to prevent dehydration and keeping your blood sugar levels in the normal range.

Taking medications

In terms of diabetes treatment, insulin and oral drugs are used for stabilizing and reducing the blood sugar levels. In people with type 1 diabetes, daily insulin shots are necessary. On the other hand, taking oral diabetes medications like Metformin is necessary for people with type 2 diabetes . Know that eating healthy food and exercising regularly may not be enough to manage diabetes, combining them with medications can make a big difference.

  • Follow your prescription. Sticking to your prescription label can make the treatment more efficient. Your healthcare professional will explain all the steps you need for your treatment. Additionally, you also need to take good care of your medications and your insulin kit, by storing them in the recommended temperature and hygiene for maximum benefit


The mentioned factors above have a significant impact on your blood sugar levels. Moreover, you should also remember to manage your stress correctly and leave behind your addiction to alcohol and cigarettes. While these changes can be challenging to achieve, the reward is worth it.