Are weight loss drugs safe when trying to get pregnant? It’s a question that many individuals, especially those struggling with weight management, might have. Weight loss medications like Wegovy have gained popularity, but what are the risks associated with them when it comes to fertility and pregnancy?

Understanding the Risks of Semaglutide (Wegovy) During Pregnancy

Semaglutide, sold under the name Wegovy, is a drug mainly used for weight loss. While it’s effective in managing weight, it’s important to know its risks during pregnancy.

Recent studies on animals, including rats and monkeys, have shown potential risks associated with Semaglutide use during pregnancy. Pregnant animals exposed to Semaglutide experienced higher miscarriage cases, and their offspring were born smaller and with more birth defects than usual.

Whether to continue Semaglutide during pregnancy should be discussed with a doctor. In certain situations, the advantages might be greater than the drawbacks, particularly when insulin alone isn’t sufficient for controlling glucose levels. But for most healthy individuals, Semaglutide during pregnancy may not be necessary, especially if glucose levels are manageable with insulin.

It’s never good to aim for weight loss during pregnancy. Even in obese individuals, gaining 11-20 lbs is recommended to provide enough calories for the baby’s development. Not gaining enough weight during pregnancy can elevate the risk of miscarriage and affect fetal development.

The main worry with Semaglutide use during pregnancy is whether it’s Semaglutide itself or the weight loss it causes that poses a risk. Studies with pregnant women are limited, making it hard to draw clear conclusions. As a precaution, those planning pregnancy should stop using Semaglutide and discuss other options with their doctor.

The FDA advises stopping Semaglutide at least two months before planning pregnancy, but it’s not completely forbidden. The drug’s label mentions an increased risk of birth defects in monkeys, but these animals were given much higher doses than humans, and they lost weight during pregnancy.

Does Wegovy Affect Fertility?

The short answer is yes, but whether the effect is beneficial or harmful regarding fertility depends on the patient’s pre-conception body weight and pre-conception glycemic control.

If someone has a normal BMI and good blood sugar control, Wegovy might slightly increase the risk for the baby. Some doctors use semaglutide to help with fertility issues related to weight, like those from PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome . The idea is to get the patient’s weight and blood sugar under control over a few months before planning to get pregnant. 

But if someone has bad blood sugar control despite insulin or has gained a lot of weight, starting Wegovy during pregnancy might be considered. The benefits are likely to be more than the risks. Studies on animals identified that the risks of birth defects and miscarriages with semaglutide use were similar to those without medication. So, starting or continuing semaglutide during pregnancy might not be a bad idea, especially if the patient’s HbA1C is above 7% despite insulin therapy and significant weight gain.

Although Wegovy isn’t meant to improve fertility, it can indirectly affect it by helping with weight and blood sugar control. Doctors suggest stopping Wegovy if someone gets pregnant because its safety during pregnancy isn’t clear.

Keeping a healthy weight and managing blood sugar is super important for fertility and pregnancy. While Wegovy can help, it’s crucial to focus on lifestyle changes like eating healthy, doing suitable exercises, and getting help from healthcare professionals. Just remember, healthy weight loss takes time, especially when planning for pregnancy.


Wegovy and pregnancy do not go well together, as the former can pose risks for individuals trying to conceive. While this medication might aid in weight management, its effects on fertility and pregnancy are not well understood. Preconception planning and consultation with healthcare providers are essential for making informed decisions about medication use and lifestyle changes. Ultimately, a healthy lifestyle remains the cornerstone for fertility and overall well-being during pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you take Semaglutide while pregnant?

Semaglutide is the active ingredient of Wegovy, which means that it is not recommended to take during pregnancy. However, if you are observing this medication today, discontinue use at least two months before planning pregnancy.

Is there a link between Wegovy and menstrual cycle?

Some users of Wegovy have reported changes in their menstrual cycle like irregular periods or changes in menstrual flow. These changes may occur as a result of the weight loss induced by Wegovy.

Can Wegovy be taken while breastfeeding?

Even though no double-blind placebo-enforced studies have been done to assess the safety of semaglutide in pregnancy (due to standard ethical practices), the amount that passes through to breastmilk is negligible, therefore making it unlikely that there would be an effect on the infant.