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Contour Next Test Strips


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What are Contour Next Test Strips?

Contour Next Test Strips are intended for individuals to measure their own blood sugar level themselves. It works by measuring the electrical current caused by the reaction between glucose (sugar) and the reagents found on the electrode of the strip. The glucose concentration would then be displayed on a Contour Next Test Strip compatible meter. A package of Contour Next Test Strips contains 50 or 100 strips.

What are Contour Next Test Strips used for?

These strips are used to measure the level of glucose in fresh blood samples drawn from the fingertips. These strips are intended for more convenient self-testing and are used as an aid to help guide the effectiveness of medical interventions for diabetes control.

For use with

  1. Contour Next EZ
  2. Contour Next
  3. Contour Next USB
  4. Contour Next Link Meters

Why use Contour Next Test Strips?

Contour Next Test Strips employ a no-coding technology that aims to reduce errors in blood sugar readings. It also has a second-chance sampling mechanism that allows more blood to be applied if the first attempt was not enough, which helps reduce wastage and cost. It has an automatic compensation feature that eliminates interfering substances such as acetaminophen and vitamin C to produce a more accurate result. It requires only a small amount of blood to analyze.

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