20 Best Healthy Snacks for Diabetics

Publish On Diabetes By Ilia

healthy snacks for diabetics

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be very overwhelming. Aside from observing the daily dose of prescriptive insulin, ensuring that you take healthy and nutritious foods is also a must. Some diabetic people would often say that the condition limits their lifestyle, especially with the food they enjoy prior to their diagnosis. While this may seem to be a problem, there are actually a bunch of snacks that diabetic people can still savor despite their condition.

Choosing the best snacks to consume and enjoy on a daily basis is key in living healthily in spite of the medical condition. In terms of the types of food that are noted safe and non-toxic for people with diabetes, those that are rich in protein, vitamins, healthy fats, and fiber are most recommended.

Aside from promoting good health, it also helps in managing diabetes. If you have diabetes and your goal is to live normally and avoid episodes of high sugar, these lists below might be the answer to your problems.

Here are the best snacks for diabetics:

1. Boiled Eggs or Egg Muffins

Boiled eggs are probably the safest type of snack or food that diabetic people can enjoy. Aside from their healthy and nutritious properties, eggs are the easiest and quickest food to prepare. This food is also best consumed when cooked or prepared hard-boiled. It is rich in a good amount of protein, which diabetic people can benefit from and savor.

In addition to the usage of eggs for diabetic’s daily consumption, another form of snack to enjoy involving eggs is egg muffins. By simply mixing the eggs with any type of vegetables (usually small types) and go about baking them for a few minutes, you will enjoy a tasty muffin on a cozy afternoon rest. What makes these mentioned snacks special is that you will have both protein and fiber to consume altogether.

2. Popcorn (Microwaved or Air-Popped)

Nothing beats popcorn during a family nighttime movie bonding or a get-together during Friday game time. This snack is best prepared and safest to enjoy when prepared in a microwave or air fryer. Aside from being a healthy choice of snack, homemade popcorns are not pre-cooked, which means that they can be prepared naturally at home.

When popcorns are popped in a microwave, it is healthier to eat because there is no oil used. As we all know, most of the oils used in cooking contain trans-fat, which can be harmful to people with diabetes. Using microwaves can lessen someone’s chances of having high levels of blood sugar.

3. Avocado and Lime

One of the best and most recommended fruits for people with diabetes is avocado. Aside from its great capacity to manage the blood glucose levels of diabetics, it is easily purchased on the market and can be prepared quickly for a sneak up on snack any time of the day. This fruit has a high content of fiber, making them extra safe for those who are diagnosed with diabetes. Its monounsaturated fatty acids enable them to become the go-to snack for everyone.

If you want to add a little bit of flavor to your avocado, squeezing a small content of lime juice is recommended. Limes are also a good source of antioxidants.

4. Hot Cocoa Drink

If you think that drinking coffee in the morning is the standard for most people, well, you’re wrong! Have you ever tried drinking a warm and calming cocoa drink during your morning routine? Well, if you haven’t, you should try it now! This enjoyable drink is also best recommended for people with diabetes!

A cup of sugar-free cocoa drink is best consumed and safer for diabetic people when it is mixed with dark chocolate. If you think that chocolate can only add to your high levels of blood glucose, well, throw that idea away. Dark chocolates are already considered non-toxic for people with diabetes!

5. Baked Veggies and Crispy Potato Chips

If you wish to consume foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, you will never go wrong with fresh and raw vegetables. In fact, daily consumption of vegetables is enough to make you healthy. They are also best enjoyed when dipped in a creamy and delicious spread, known as hummus. Some of the veggies you can partner it with are carrots, broccoli, and bell peppers.

Aside from baked veggies, you can also enjoy a crunchy and crackling snack, such as potato chips. This type of snack is best served with salsa on the side. This partnership on your table is definitely an enjoyable munch and pickings, with a low amount of carbs, safer and pure to eat.

6. A Whole Grain Snack or Crackers

A whole-grain snack can encompass popcorns, waffles, English muffins, and crackers. What makes whole grains beneficial is their high amount of fiber which can promote insulin sensitivity to people with diabetes. Since anything that is fiber takes more time to break down, it can result in a balance in blood sugar levels. Fiber helps a lot in stabilizing your blood glucose condition.

To add a boosting flavor to your whole-grain muffins, peanut butter is the right choice. You can enjoy it any time of the day. It is safe for consumption and reduces episodes of extreme hunger. That only means less consumption of sugary foods.

7. Greek Yogurt with your choice of Berries

If you are to choose among the many types of yogurts available in the market today, the most recommended is Greek yogurt. Why is this so? Compared to regular yogurt, Greek yogurt has more protein and enriches more vitamins and minerals. It can balance the number of nutrients you can get from the snack and anything that it partnered with.

The said snack is more nutritious when mixed or partnered with berries. If you haven’t known yet, berries are a good source of antioxidants, which fight and attacks free radicals. Aside from these functions, it is also highly capable of stabilizing the levels of blood glucose.

8. Crunchy Pistachios

One of the major complications induced by diabetes is heart disease. It refers to the high levels of cholesterol existent within the body. In order to prevent this is by consuming the type of foods that are rich in protein, and one of them is pistachios. These are types of nuts that are tasty, savory, and delicious. Add to that their healthy components and nutritional properties!

In terms of its nutritional information, pistachios are considered a blessed and rich type of nuts. It contains calories, carbs, protein, fiber, vitamin b6, copper, potassium, manganese, and phosphorus. All these sums up the healthy features of pistachios. Given these nutritional properties, it is safe to say that pistachios are good and safe for people with diabetes.

9. Tasty and Enjoyable Almonds

Including tasty and nutritious almonds in your daily diet is the best idea. Aside from being a convenient snack, it boasts a number of vitamins and minerals that you can get from savoring it. The said snack is a good choice for people with diabetes as it can control and stabilize blood sugar levels. It is rich in fiber, healthy fats, and protein.

Aside from their capacity to lessen episodes of diabetic attack, almonds are also beneficial for those who are suffering from heart disease. Since heart disease and diabetes are somewhat connected, with the latter causing the former condition, eating fiber-rich food, such as almonds, can reduce the risk of high cholesterol levels.

10. Tuna Salad

So, what’s included in a tuna salad? This snack is a combination of different but healthy ingredients, such as tuna, a good amount of mayonnaise, and other typical ingredients of a regular salad like onions and fresh vegetables. This snack is not just an enjoyable meal any time of the day, but it is also rich in various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

If you haven’t known yet, tuna is one of the fish species that contain omega-3 fatty acids. It means that tunas are good for the heart. Aside from that, it is also very beneficial in managing diabetes. For this snack, if mayonnaise is not available, using Greek yogurt is advisable.

11. Black Bean Salad or Roasted Chickpeas

Also known as black turtle beans, black beans are healthy snacks with a lot of nutrients. These nutrients include protein, dietary fiber, folate, thiamin, vitamins E and K, potassium, and iron. It has a lot of benefits, such as improving heart health, prevents cancer, relieves issues of the digestive system, boosts the nervous system, and of course, it helps in controlling blood sugar.

This snack is best consumed when mixed with fresh vegetables, already chopped for better ingestion. Aside from black bean salad, you can also enjoy roasted chickpeas.  These types of beans are also rich in fiber and protein. They are best consumed when roasted, giving you a crunchy and tasty sensation on the mouth.

12. Sliced Veggies

If there is anything in the world that best complements any snack, that would be sliced veggies. It adds color and flavor to any food you prepare. It is fat-free and promotes overall health. This complimentary food suits anything you prepare in the kitchen. Aside from adding spice to your meal, it contains exceptional benefits that you can never say no to consume.

Some of the vegetables that you can add to your snack are spinach, kale, broccoli, peas, small slices of sweet potatoes, extract or juice of beets, carrots, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and sprouts. These mentioned veggies contain healthful properties that help in controlling blood sugar.

13. Sliced Apples and Sweet Pears

Among the many fruits that you can eat today, apples are the best to consume during medical therapies. No doubt apples are eaten and served when you are being hospitalized. But wait, isn’t this fruit an enjoyable snack also at any time of the day? If you haven’t known yet, apples are a good source of fiber, which is good in managing diabetes. It also contains vitamin C, B vitamins, and potassium.

For better and enjoyable consumption of sliced apples, you can pair them with peanut butter. It makes an entirely delicious snack with healthy and beneficial properties. Aside from sliced apples, a single serving of peanut butter can also be paired with sweet pears.

14. Oatmeal and Berries

Aside from being a famous breakfast snack or meal, a serving of the classic oatmeal helps a lot in stabilizing and controlling an individual’s blood glucose levels. Oatmeal contains vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and minerals. This type of breakfast meal is proven to have a lot of health benefits, such as weight loss, reducing someone’s risk for heart impairment, and decreasing the high levels of blood glucose.

Moreover, you can enjoy your gluten-free oatmeal by pairing it up with some delicious berries. Whether it be raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries, you can still get the same amount of nutrients from these berries and stay steadily healthy. Berries are also nutritiously rich in fiber, protein, and antioxidants.

15. Sweet Strawberries covered with Dark Chocolate

If you are looking to consume a sweet and juicy berry, that would be the appealing strawberries. Aside from its pretty and alluring appearance, this type of fruit is rich in antioxidants, healthy compounds that fight free radicals and prevent oxidation. Since this berry is low in terms of its glycemic index, its helpful properties can help in regulating blood sugar levels.

You can enjoy your strawberries by dipping them on dark chocolate. Covering your berries with this tasty and nutritious chocolate does not only make your snack time exciting but also hearty. Since dark chocolate contains less to no sugar, it is a healthy and delicious snack for your morning or afternoon bites.

16. Sugar-Free Gelatin

When we talk about sweeteners, the first thing that comes into our heads is high sugar. However, there are actually sweeteners that are sugar-free, and one of them is gelatin. Sugar-free gelatin contains calories, which is a really good substitute for sugary flavors. It does not add to the high sugar levels problem. You can enjoy sugar-free gelatin, most especially if it is served cold during sunny weather.

You can also enjoy this tasty snack with whipped cream on top. This snack becomes more refreshing when prepared with a whipped cream that balances the flavor. It is totally safe for people with diabetes.

17. Homemade and Frozen Juice Bars

Nothing beats an enjoyable and cold snack during sunny and hot afternoon weather. And what best snack would that be? Well, it’s what children like the most, frozen juice bars! These homemade bars are both perfect and refreshing in a warm setting and atmosphere. Aside from its fresh effect on the body, it is also equipped with the best nutrients that the body needs.

In preparing these juice bars, simply choose your favored fruit, from berries to mangoes. Just make sure that the fruit you will be choosing will not impact your blood sugar levels. Juice bars or fruit ice pops can be a great snack for people with diabetes.

18. Tomatoes

One of the healthiest fruit available today is tomatoes. It contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, and potassium. This fruit has many benefits to the body, including heart protection, vision improvement, and of course, diabetes management. This fruit is highly capable of protecting an individual from diabetes complications.

In consuming tomatoes, it is your choice on how to prepare and cook them. You can add it to a salsa recipe, making it more flavorful. You can also add it to salads, which are mixed with other healthy and nutritious vegetables. Or you can simply set it as a side dish to every meal!

19. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a great source of high fiber and protein. It has a large number of nutrients with a lesser volume of calories. The seeds are also supplied with a good number of antioxidants. In terms of diabetes management, consuming foods that are mixed with chia seeds has a big potential in reducing blood sugar levels.

In enjoying the nutritious chia seeds, you can add them to make a pudding. This typical household snack can become more nutritious if chia seeds are added, being the main ingredient for the said tiny meal. Chia seeds are capable of helping the body in controlling its blood glucose levels.

20. Frozen Yogurt with your choice of Savory Fruits

As mentioned, one of the best-recommended types of yogurts is Greek Yogurt. And you can absolutely take this snack to a whole new level by freezing it and adding savory fruits to the bowl. It can be eaten any time of the day. It is delicious, tasty, and safe at the same time. Greek yogurt is enriched with high protein content and other nutrients necessary for the body.

For the fruits to be added, the recommended varieties are chopped nuts and berries. Some of the finest berries to eat are blueberries and strawberries. You can also add bananas to have a savory and tastier flavor.

All the mentioned snacks are proven safe and effective for people with diabetes. However, it is still necessary to eat them in moderation. Living healthily and eating what’s best for you is still the best action to perform. Furthermore, always visit your doctor to ensure that you are progressing well and your health is improving.