When you have a diabetes diagnosis, that means you need to reduce your sugar intake. Thankfully, safer artificial sweeteners are available without the worry of increasing blood sugar levels.

One of the finest choices for artificial sweeteners is aspartame. This sweetener has low calories, making it safe for individuals with diabetes. It is also 200 times sweeter than sugar. It means a small amount of aspartame is an excellent alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Like other artificial sweeteners, aspartame appears as a white crystalline substance. It is rich in L-aspartic acid and L-phenylalanine. You can mix this sweetener with a variety of foods and beverages. It is indeed safe as it is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What makes aspartame special is its zero to less impact on our blood glucose levels. Additionally, it has zero amount of glycemic index. You do not have to worry about this sweetener if you take insulin shots. It has no side effects in terms of maintaining normal insulin levels.

What about the risks?

There are no known risks of this artificial sweetener. However, it is necessary to read its label on the back upon buying this sweetener. It might already contain other ingredients that can increase blood glucose level. Some of the products that already have sugar-increasing ingredients are sodas and other sweet beverages.

What are the benefits of this sweetener to individuals with diabetes?

One of the obstacles that individuals with diabetes face today is controlling their carbohydrates intake. It also includes abstaining from sweet foods. However, the existence of artificial sweeteners gives them the freedom to eat sweets without consuming foods that can contribute to their condition.

Since you will also be controlling your carbohydrates intake, aspartame can help maintain your average body weight. It prevents obesity, which can be bad for those with high blood sugar levels.

Most sweets contribute to tooth decay. However, aspartame is an exemption. Aspartame is an essential ingredient in having a healthful and satisfactory diet.


While aspartame remains a controversy, especially for other medical experts, it is already proven safe for individuals with diabetes. Its low-calorie property makes it beneficial for diabetics. Aside from being a good choice, it is harmless and healthy at the same time.