Can Diabetes Cause Urine Odor?

Diabetes Urine Smell. Did you know that your urine can smell different if you have diabetes? Urinating is a way for the body to get rid of excess water. This process flushes our toxic compounds or acids from the body. It contains ammonia, a type of chemical that gives urine a strong smell. Typically, the color of normal urine is yellowish. It only becomes different when an active illness is present.

For people with diabetes, their urine can smell “sweet or fruity.” The presence of extra glucose in urine makes its smell significantly different from typical urine odor.

In type 2 diabetes, the body stops responding to the insulin supply. While insulin is still present, it is not enough to balance the amount of sugar in the body. If there is a scarcity of insulin, your blood sugar levels can increase abnormally. This is why insulin shots are necessary. But how is this process related to diabetes urine odor?

With the rise in blood sugar, the body tries to release excess glucose with urine. This causes the urine to smell sweet or fruity.

Do I have diabetes if my urine smells sweet or fruity?

For people without diabetes or those who have not been tested for the disease, a sweet and fruity urine smell can indicate an abnormality in their blood sugar. You should also check for the frequency of urination. A rise in the frequency, along with sweet or fruity urine, is definitely a red flag that demands medical consultation. However, we cannot skip mentioning that temporary factors like exhaustion, fatigue,  thirst, weight loss and hunger can also contribute to similar urine odor. Therefore, monitor your urination pattern for a week before coming to a conclusion.

What to do if sweet or fruity urination continues?

Monitor your urine for a week. If it continues, then visit a doctor for necessary tests and treatment. Insulin is the most popular treatment for Type 1 Diabetes. On the other hand, oral medications like Metformin are prescribed for Type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly should be combined with medicines that you take daily.