How much is insulin without insurance?

The increasing cost of insulin is one issue that people with diabetes encounter the most in the US. Medical insurance and benefits look like the only resort for anyone struggling with the rising prices. However, there are many patients who are not covered. What can they do to meet this challenge?

Not covered by any plan? No problems! Explore the following options:

Medicaid – This state-run program provides medical coverage for individuals or families with low income and lesser resources. Some states in the US offer this service, but eligibility depends on the state regulations. If no insurance plan covers your insulin treatment, call your state’s Medicaid program, and seek assistance.

CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) – Type 1 diabetes is primarily diagnosed in children. This coverage option is helpful for parents who cannot afford insulin treatment for their children. This program enables access to affordable insulin medications.

Health insurance marketplaces – These types of programs are available in every state in the US. They help individuals and families buy health insurance cost-effectively. The marketplace plans must meet consumer protection and cost requirements. You can contact their department’s customer care by phone, in-person, or online conversation.

Accessing affordable insulin – One way to treat diabetes without the help of an insurance plan is by ordering online from reliable pharmaceutical sites. Some sites offer insulin medications at the lowest cost possible. Make sure you do not order insulin for more than three months, and you produce a valid prescription that they can verify.

Below is the chart containing the list of insulins and their prices without insurance.  These insulin products are categorized into two – mixed insulins and traditional insulins. Consider the following:

Average Prices of Mixed Insulins

Insulin productAverage price per insulin unitAverage price per package
Insulin lispro 75/25 KwikPen$0.22$328.69 per carton of 5 pens
Humalog 75/25 Vial$0.36$360.25 per vial
Humalog 75/25 KwikPen$0.47$709.19 per carton of 5 pens
Humulin 70/30 Vial$0.19$184.64 per vial
Novolin 70/30 FlexPen$0.22$336.57 per carton of 5 pens
Insulin Aspart 70/30 Vial$0.18$181.67 per vial
Novolog 70/30 FlexPen$0.47$698.16 per carton of 5 pens

Average Prices of Traditional Insulins

Insulin productAverage price per insulin unitAverage price per package
Humulin N Vial$0.19$185.04 per vial
Humulin N KwikPen$0.39$589.27 per carton of 5 pens
Humulin R KwikPen$0.24$720.73 per carton of 5 pens
Humulin R Vial$0.18$1,837.62 per vial
Novolin N FlexPen$0.13$189.16 per carton of 5 pens
Novolin R FlexPen$0.24$361.09 per carton of 5 pens
Novolin R Vial$0.17$172.26 per vial

What are the elevating factors that affect the cost of insulin?

The following are the primary factors that affect the cost of insulin.

The Government –The government regulates medicinal prices, particularly insulin. Sometimes, most governments prevent the entrance of generic medicines to cater to branded medications that are usually high in terms of costs.

Generic and Brand Name – Affordability is key. Therefore, generic medications can always be an alternative. However, factors like inflammation and government policies may also affect the prices of both brand and generic medications.

Now, how can you get insulin without insurance? The following will guide you to get your needed insulin treatment without depending on your insurance. Consider these options!

  • Over-the-counter insulin
  • Assistance from your doctor
  • Nonprofit PAPs (Patient Assistance Programs)
  • Prescription discount cards
  • State-based programs
  • Community health centers
  • Pharmaceutical Co-pay coupons
  • Online purchase

Ask your doctor for assistance if you have difficulty maintaining your insulin treatment because of high costs. You can also approach your community health centers and inquire if your state offers discounts and programs that you can apply for.