Best Yogurt for Diabetics

If you have diabetes, is it necessary to sacrifice yogurt? Well, the answer is NO. Yogurt is considered one of the healthy treats everyone can enjoy, especially those with varying blood sugar levels. It contains protein, healthy fat, good bacteria, and even . People can consume it as a dessert or mix it with best diabetics fruits and salads.

However, it is important to note that a diabetic person should only opt for organic and sugarless yogurt that tastes sour. This is because sweet yogurt available in the stores contains a high load of added sugar that can be harmful to your health. Nevertheless, adding Splenda can also be a good alternative if you dislike the sour taste of yogurt.

Monitoring what type of yogurt you eat and the quantity you can consume is necessary. This article will help you understand how eating yogurt affects your blood sugar. Read on to learn more.

What are the nutritional contents of yogurt?


The presence of lactose (milk sugars) in yogurt means it contains carbohydrates too. Because of this, blood sugar level can increase if you take too much carbohydrate-rich yogurt. However, there are safer alternatives for you. Opt for Greek yogurt or Icelandic yogurt. Compared to plain yogurt, Greek yogurt has 25% fewer carbs. It is also high in protein. Home-made curd can also be a safe alternative, as you can pick a low-fat/ low-carb milk and prepare the curd without sugar.


As mentioned, Greek yogurt has protein. This nutrient is essential in balancing blood sugar levels. But how? Once protein enters the body, it slows down the rate of sugar entering the bloodstream. Getting more protein makes it easier to control diabetes.


Probiotics are essential for digestive health. These live bacteria help regulate bowel movements, improve bone density, and support the immune system. How are probiotics significant for people with diabetes? Research suggests that people who eat yogurt daily, especially those with type 2 diabetes, have lower blood sugar and cholesterol. This study makes it clear how beneficial probiotics are for diabetes management.

What are the varieties of yogurt?

There are two significant varieties of yogurt that you can choose from:

  • Animal sources – This variety includes Greek and Icelandic yogurt. They are made from cow milk; however, the ones from sheep and goats are also excellent choices. Yogurt made from goat’s milk contains a higher content of calcium than those made from cow’s milk.
  • Plant sources – Some of the best sources of plant-based yogurt are almonds, coconuts, soy, and cashews. These are dairy-free, which means they lack lactose content. Many plant-based yogurts have added sugar, so make sure you check on the product label.

There are different ways to enjoy yogurt. You can take it as dips for some snacks, mix it for baking, combine it with your favorite smoothies, or simply eat it as a dessert. However, when it comes to the best yogurt for diabetics, always opt for Greek or Icelandic yogurt. These varieties have already proven safe for millions of diabetics across the world.