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What is a Lancing Device?

A lancing device is a special gadget that is used together with a lancet to prick the skin so as to draw a blood sample. Finger pricking devices are helpful for drawing blood samples so you can test your blood sugar levels in the management of diabetes. Before you use a diabetes blood glucose lancing device, it is important you check the label for the instructions. Different devices sometimes use specific lancets only. Make sure you understand which lancets work with your diabetic finger pricking device.

Lancing devices are also known as Lancet Devices. A lot of people get confused between these terms including regular Lancets. Lancets and Lancing devices are different. In the most general sense, Lancing devices are reusable and Lancets are not. You can read and learn more about Lancets here.

How to choose the best suited Lancing Device for you

There are different types of devices available on the market, which makes it easier for you to choose the one that suits you best. An automatic finger pricking device, which uses a button and a spring to release the lancet, is the most common. Most blood glucose finger pricking devices allow the user to set the depth of skin penetration depending on how thick or thin their skin is. Lancing devices vary in terms of size, the brand of lancet they use, the width of the lancet needle that fit them and the ability to use them on various parts of the body.

It is recommended you buy a lancing device that fits with your preferred lancets. Unless your skin is really thick, a smaller lancet needle will generally be more comfortable. This is because they cause less pain when you stick them on your fingertip to draw blood. Choosing the right diabetes finger pricking device will help you check your blood sugar regularly. Monitoring your blood sugar levels is vital in helping you successfully manage your diabetes. A finger pricking device makes it less painful to draw blood and monitor your blood sugar.

How do you use a Lancet Device

Generally, there are a few things you should do when using your finger pricking device.

  1. First, it is recommended you always wash your hands with soap and warm water.
  2. After your hands are clean, remove the safety cap from the lancing device.
  3. Insert a lancet into the finger pricking device.
  4. Choose your preferred depth setting if your diabetic blood glucose lancing device allows. For most devices, smaller numbers mean shallower penetration, while larger numbers will cause deeper penetration.
  5. Next, firmly place the finger pricking device on your fingertip and press the button to release the lancet.
  6. Remove the finger pricking device from your fingertip. Once you get a round drop of blood, place it on your test strip and insert it into your blood glucose monitor to check your blood sugar levels.


Most lancing devices come with specific instructions. It is important to understand how to use your specific lancets and lancing device.

What is a Genteel lancing device?

A Genteel lancing device is just that, a lancing device. You can use the Genteel lancing device to check your blood sugar levels with close to no pain, controlling depth and using the same vacuum technology present in other lancing devices.

What is the best Device?

The Multiclix and Delice lancing devices are the most popular in the USA. Both use relatively lancets that are smaller in size which have been found less painful by many people using them. So if you consider pain as the main factor to decide what lancing device is the best out there, the One Touch Delica Lancing Device is one of your best choices.

How to order

You can buy Lancing Devices from us and complete your order online or by telephone. Browse through our selection of Lancing Devices above to choose the device you are looking for. You can click or tap on the icons on the top right of this page to switch views. The list view allows you to quickly skim through offered Lancing Devices, while the thumbnail view shows you prices and pictures if available.

Click or tap on the Lancing Device you are looking for to navigate to its dedicated page, where you can read more information about that product such as price and use instructions.

If you need any help completing your order or could not find the Lancing Device you were looking for, give us a call and our customer service representatives can help you.

Do you need a prescription to buy the device?

You do not need a prescription to buy Lancing devices from us. These devices are offered over the counter, in other words, without requiring you to submit a prescription.

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