Janumet dosage

Janumet controls sugar levels directly after and between meals. It comes in different strengths such as:

  • 50mg / 500 mg (50 mg Januvia and 500 mg Metformin)
  • 50 mg/ 850 mg
  • 50 mg/ 1000 mg

The physician will determine the dosage based on the blood sugar levels and how one reacts to the first dose given. The health practitioner may start a person on a low dose to minimize the occurrence of side effects of Janumet before the body becomes used to the medication. The medicine is taken twice daily, but with food. The maximum dose prescribed is 100 mg Januvia and 2000 mg Metformin per day. Since many factors can affect the dose one needs, the physician may change the dose a number of times and prescribe a dose not mentioned in the article; do not change it but follow the prescription. Remember the information given here shouldn’t substitute the physician advice. Swallow the tablet whole with a lot of water. Take note that the medication may not completely dissolve and part of it may be passed in the stool; this is an example of normal Janumet side effects, nonetheless, if you detect a tablet in the stool a number of times, contact the doctor.


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